akean rotating brush cleaner and dryer machine review and demonstration

Akean Professional Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Machine – Extensive Review (Video Demo on my Instagram!)

akean rotating brush cleaner and dryer machine review and demonstration

The Story

I got the Akean Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Machine from Amazon for $26.99 after an extensive search for an electric rotating makeup brush cleaner similar to the Stylpro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer.

Why didn’t I just get the Stylpro cleaner instead, you ask? Well, because it generally has mixed reviews on the internet, and for mixed reviews I might as well just get something cheaper. This Akean Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Machine had pretty good reviews on Amazon from a lot of reviewers, hence it was my choice.

I got this electric makeup brush cleaner with my own money, btw.

Says Amazon/Akean:

About the product
  • High Efficient Makeup Brush Cleaner Dryer: Clean and dry all size brushes in seconds,keep away from the long cleaning time.
  • Deep cleansing brushes on dirty matter(bacteria, cosmetic residue, oil, dead skin cells), prevent skin diseases.
  • Fast and effective Makeup Brush Cleaner Machine, make your favorite comb to keep soft and nice, longer life.
  • 8 different sizes collars,suit for most type makeup brushes.
  • Unique collar stand can effectively place collars and make up brushes,no longer worry about them scattered to anywhere.

Product description


Why choose us?

1.Are you troubled in spending too much time to clean the makeup brushes?
Now!It is no longer your troubles.Akean cleaner tool will make you keeping away that. it is easy to operate,quickly clean and dry in seconds.

2.Do you clean your makeup brushes in Healthy Way?
The general cleaning can’t clean cosmetics residue, bacteria, oil, dirt, and dead skin.while use them to makeup,will cause secondary damage to your skin.
The machine has a strong motor, and uses high-speed rotation, fast depth to clean all the stains on the comb.

3.Keep your dressing table orderly and neat
Someone will complain about too many different sizes of make up brushes and collars, so that the dressing table is too messy.
Unique collar stand can effectively place collars and make up brushes,no longer worry about them scattered to anywhere.

How it works ?
1. Put some water and soap or baby shampoo into the bowl.
2. Find the suitable collars and insert the brush into the spinner.
3. Dip and dunk the brush in the liquid.
4. Turn on the spinner, spin the brush to clean.
5. Change the water and clean again.
6. Spin the brush to dry.

Package includes:
1 X Makeup Brush Cleaner
1 X Brush Spinner Bowl
1 X collars Stand
8 X Brush Collars
1 X User manual

The machine is power by 2 X AAA battery, not included the battery.

In the box, you get:

  1. The makeup brush cleaning bowl
  2. The rotating wand and its spindle (on which you attach different brushes)
  3.  Different sized brush holders (these have been able to fit all of the brushes I have tried, including Zoeva, Sigma, Sephora, Morphe, and Real Techniques)
  4. A little paper with instructions on how to operate the machine

Not included but required – 2 x AAA battery, preferably brand new and not taken out from your TV remote, like mine was.

OPTIONAL – Brush sleeves. You can get a ton of these pretty cheap from Amazon. I love them; they help retain the shape of my brushes when drying, and keep them safe during travel.

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Sephora Collection Dark Rainbow Pro Flawless Airbrush Brush 56

My favorite foundation brush – the Sephora Collection Pro Flawless Airbrush Brush #56 – Review of the Limited Edition Dark Rainbow Version

I got the mini version of the Sephora Collection Pro Flawless Airbrush Brush #56 (it is called the #56.5 brush) this summer when I became a VIB Rouge member.

I was really disappointed that they were giving out a tiny little brush to customers for dropping $1000 in a year. Anyway, I decided to use this to blend in my concealer (my beloved NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer), and I WAS BLOWN AWAY, YOU GUYS.

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Fenty beauty by Rihanna makeup review and swatches

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna – Review & Swatches!

 snl rihanna shy ronnie you ready GIF

Fenty Beauty be like

On Friday, September 8th, 12 AM PST, the beauty world was shook. 

Robyn Rihanna Fenty released her eponymous makeup lineFenty Beauty at Sephoras (and Harvey Nichols) worldwide, and nothing was ever the same again.

About Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

According to the Fenty Beauty website,

Rihanna was inspired to create Fenty Beauty after years of experimenting with the best-of-the-best in beauty—and still seeing a void in the industry for products that performed across all skin types and tones. She launched a makeup line “so that women everywhere would be included,” focusing on a wide range of traditionally hard-to-match skin tones, creating formulas that work for all skin types, and pinpointing universal shades.

Fenty Beauty makeup is thus supposed to cater to women (and men) of every skin tone, and type. Whether you are fair, tan, olive, or deep-skinned, this line has something for you.

One of the reasons Fenty Beauty products were so highly anticipated and well received was that that the brand did what many well-established makeup houses have previously failed to do – include women (and men) of color. As a brown-skinned Pakistani female, I was also pretty excited about what the line could do for me.

The line is also 100% cruelty free, as per Sephora.

So, at the stroke of midnight, on September 8th, I gave a sh!t-ton of my money to Rihanna, and after that I checked my phone religiously for updates on the arrival of my Sephora packages.

NOTE: Click on the images in this post to enlarge.

What I bought from Fenty Beauty

Fenty beauty by Rihanna makeup review and swatches

My Fenty Beauty haul

The items I bought are as follows, and reviewed in the same order:

  • Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in the shades Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby and Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal
  • Fenty Beauty Cheek Hugging Highlight Brush 120
  • Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Powder
  • Fenty Beauty Portable Touch Up Brush 130
  • Fenty Beauty Portable Highlighter Brush 140
  • Fenty Beauty Portable Contour & Concealer Brush 150

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter duo in the shades Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby and Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal

The Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter (the name is a mouthful!) comes in singles (the highly popular Trophy Wife and Metal Moon) and duos, of which I bought two: Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby and Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal.

Sephora says:

What it is:
Weightless, long-wear cream-to-powder hybrid highlighters in solos and expertly paired duos.

What it does:
Light up where you want, when you want. Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter was born to reflect your every mood with its lineup of luminizing solos and duos. With a dose of skin-glorifying color, Killawatt ranges from subtle dayglow to insanely supercharged with shades that were designed for all skin tones.

Unlike your everyday highlighter, Killawatt keeps skin lit beyond sundown with its weightless longwear formula—a cream-powder hybrid that instantly melts into skin and blends with almost zero effort. Another win: It’s loaded with superfine shimmer for an ultra-smooth, creamy texture.

For killer radiance, Killawatt’s your go-to for highlighting your face, eyes, lips, collarbone….literally anywhere you crave a touch of light.

You get 2 x 0.12 oz/ 3.5 g for $34.

Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby is described as a soft champagne sheen and supercharged peachy champagne shimmer.

Lightning Dust/Fire Crystal is described as soft pearlescent sheen and supercharged pearlescent shimmer.

I agree with both descriptions.

The shade on the left is supposed to give a subdued glow, while the one on the right amps it up and provides a strobed look.

This is supposed to be a cream to powder formula, and it does feel soft to the touch.

I’ll be honest; when swatched on the arm, it did not really show up much, but when used with the accompanying Fenty Beauty Cheek Hugging Highlight Brush 120, both sides of the duo pan literally melted into my skin and provided the most ethereal glow.

The duo shades in particular have a mix of cool and warm under tones, and I was worried they might look too frosted on my tan/olive skin, but Rihanna has hit the nail on the head with these shades – both of them make me look like I have radiant, glowing-from-within skin, not a streak of misplaced shimmer going across my cheekbones.

The more shimmery shade on the right does have visible mica (glitter) in there, so this may not be for someone who dislikes visible shimmer in their highlighter. That said, as someone who does dislike visible shimmer in their highlighter, I was pleasantly surprised by these shades. Like I said, they just became one with my skin upon application and I didn’t care much for any visible glitter after that because I was so enthralled by how glowy my skin looked.

Both shades of the Killawatt Highlighter wore for 7 hours on my face before I cleansed for the night.

Fenty Beauty Cheek Hugging Highlight Brush 120

Sephora says

What it is:
An expertly chiseled highlighter brush that “hugs” cheeks for an effortless glow.

What it does:
The Cheek-Hugging Highlight Brush 120 embraces curves like no other. This game-changing synthetic brush features expertly chiseled curves on both sides that “hug” more than just your cheeks—including your browbone, cupid’s bow, the bridge of your nose, and even your collarbone—for an effortlessly killer glow. Thanks to its unexpected asymmetrical cut inspired by a shark tooth, you can highlight with more precision and edge, making it the perfect tool for the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter.

This synthetic brush retails for $32.

The Fenty Beauty Cheek Hugging Highlight brush paired with the Killawatt Highlighter makes a winning combination – used together, both products make sure your glow will look natural but still stunning, noticeable, and lasting.

It has such a unique shape, and it is now my favorite highlighter brush. The shark-toothed shape fits the cheekbones perfects and distributes product so evenly.

The handle is sturdy, and looks beautiful. I have yet to wash this brush; when I do, and if something goes amiss, I will update this review.

Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Powder and Portable Touch Up Brush 130

Sephora says about the Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Powder:

What it is:
A universal blotting powder that absorbs shine and diffuses the look of pores for an instant filtered look on the fly.

What it does:
Don’t be caught without the perfect blot. Take it from Rihanna, who blots on the fly to stay photoready 24/7. This universal blotting powder contains an exclusive pore-diffusing complex that absorbs shine and gives you a natural matte refresh for an instantly filtered look—so you’re always ready for a shine-free snap.

Invisimatte’s translucent powder is completely traceless against all skin tones and won’t cake, creep into pores or fine lines, or disturb makeup. And get this: It extends the wear of your foundation, too.

Invisimatte’s sleek, magnetized compact attaches to its perfect partner, the Portable Touch Up Brush 130 (sold separately), meaning that it’s easy to keep your shine-stopping essentials within reach. So touch up, touch up again, and bring on the photo ops.

You get 8.5 g of product for $32.

Sephora says about the Fenty Beauty Portable Touch Up Brush 130:

What it is:
A magnetic, on-the-go blotting powder brush that conveniently attaches to the bottom of its touch-up partner, Invisimatte Blotting Powder, for an instant filter effect.

What it does:
Touch up with the ultimate on-the-go blotting powder brush. Custom-made to pair with Invisimatte Blotting Powder, the Portable Touch Up Brush has a retractable design and magnetic panel, so it snaps right in to the bottom of the powder compact. Slanted, soft synthetic bristles provide extra surface area for applying Invisimatte Blotting Powder—perfect for quick fixes and a mattifying, instant-filter effect.

It retails for $24.

I will admit, while this is said to be one of Rihanna’s favorite products from her makeup line, I bought the Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Powder and accompanying brush simply for the gimmicky packaging. 🙈🙈🙈

That said, it has turned out to be one of my favorite products from the line as well. It applies completely clear, with no ashiness, and keeps shine around my t-zone at bay for ages, and it is perfect as a setting powder for my makeup as well. It gives a matte radiance of sorts to the face, quite like a filter.

My MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation has some competition, needless to say.

I also like how it doesn’t pronounce any lines or dry patches on my dry/normal skin. I need a very small amount of powder on the little sponge inside or the Touch Up Brush to set my face.

The packaging is beautiful and sturdy, with a bit of holographic shine (similar to that of the Killawatt Highlighters, and portable brushes).

Coming to the Fenty Beauty Portable Touch Up Brush 130, I am undecided about this brush. The synthetic bristles are soft, sturdy, and shaped to fit into all corners and crevices of the face. However, I feel I prefer the little sponge/felt applicator (honestly, I don’t know what the material is) that comes with the Invisimatte powder to this brush, at least for now.

The brush is not bad; the sponge is just a little better, at least for my needs. However, on the go, the brush does a good job of setting oily spots with a few quick taps.

And, like I said, I ❤️ that the brush attaches to the powder compact. I’m a sucker for fun packaging.

Fenty Beauty Portable Highlighter Brush 140 and Fenty Beauty Portable Contour & Concealer Brush 150

I have been obsessively buying highlighter and concealer brushes lately, and I was thrilled when Rihanna came out with a couple of those to add to her Fenty Beauty lineup.

Sephora says about the Fenty Beauty Portable Highlighter Brush 140:

What it is:
A magnetic, retractable highlighter brush that attaches to your favorite Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick for seamless blending in a snap.

What it does:
Take your glow places it’s never been before. The magnetized Portable Highlighter Brush 140 was designed to snap to your favorite Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks, letting you create your own custom highlighting collection.

Slanted, soft synthetic brush hairs trace the angles of your face, expertly made to diffuse Match Stix Shimmer Skinsticks with speed and precision you’d never imagine from a tool this petite. And thanks to its medium-density bristles, you can build glitz to your perfect level of impact. Retractable and totally portable, this is a travel-friendly tool you’ll never leave home without.

Sephora says about the Fenty Beauty Portable Contour & Concealer Brush 150:

What it is:
A magnetic, retractable contour and concealer brush that attaches to your favorite Match Stix Matte Skinstick for seamless sculpting and blending in a snap.

What it does:
Blend in, but stand out. The magnetic Portable Contour & Concealer Brush attaches to its perfect partner—Match Stix Matte Skinstick (sold separately)—so you can correct, conceal, contour, or simply touch up wherever, whenever.

Smoothly tapered, soft synthetic bristles are cut for foolproof precision, letting you instantly blend Matte Skinstick’s buildable, powder-soft formulas until you’ve achieved just the right amount of coverage. Retractable and totally portable, this is a travel-friendly tool you’ll never leave home without.

Both synthetic brushes retail for $24.

While these brushes are designed to be used with the Fenty Beauty Matchstix, I have been using them to blend in cream contour (like my beloved Anastasia stick foundation in Fawn) and cream highlighter, and I am impressed.

These brushes are so soft and sturdy, and they provide controlled, even application that can be patted on or sheered out. Plus, they look gorgeous.

Do I recommend Fenty Beauty by Rihanna?

You know, I was kind of secretly hoping these products would not be as good as they are, just so I wouldn’t have to spend even more money on makeup than I already do.


Based on the products I have tried, I can easily say Fenty Beauty has an amazing collection of makeup that I see appealing to people of various skin tones. Rihanna came to slay with her makeup line, and she did not disappoint.

The pigmentation and quality of the Fenty Beauty products I have tried is on point. I would definitely recommend them, and I can’t wait to try other offerings from the brand, such as the Pro Filt’r Foundation and Primer.


Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is available online at Sephora, in Sephora stores, and at FentyBeauty.com.

Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Highlighter – Review & Swatches


Allow me to introduce you to one of the three current loves of my life (more on the other two in upcoming posts):

Pretty Vulgar Shimmering Swan Highlighter in the shade Glimmers Of BS.

Sephora says:

What it is:
A highlighting powder with ultra-reflective shine.

What it does:
Capture the light with Shimmering Swan Highlighter, a unique, velvety smooth highlighter. Infused with light-reflecting and pearlescent pigments, this radiant powder will leave your skin looking bright and lustrous.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
This product is cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

You get 5.7 g of product for $32.

Can I just say, I am obsessed with this highlighter. The texture, the shade, the packaging, everything is swoon-worthy.

The shade

This shade is a very unique pink-beige, in my opinion. My pictures below have all been taken in daylight at varying times. When it is hot outside, you can see it is a warm, almost nude beige that literally becomes one with my skin upon application. When the lighting is dim, or it is cool outside, the highlighter becomes a pearly pinkish beige sheen which can be strobed, or a light glow, with honestly zero visible shimmer.

The yay

  • DAT GLOW. You guys. This is just glow. That’s all it is. It is so finely milled, that there is no visible shimmer in this. Don’t believe me? Check my swatches below.
  • Soft as buttah. This is supposed to be a powder, but it is more like a pillow of glow (side note: need to bring out my own highlight called Pillow Of Glow™©®). This highlighter is incredibly soft and smooth to the touch. And best of all, despite how finely-milled and smooth it is, it does not have a lot of fallout from the pan, or when applied.
  • Lit-from-within, or strobed for days: it is your choice. This is so versatile and easy to work with. A small amount is enough for a visibly intense highlight, so you really need to pick which brush and amount of product you want to work with.
  • IT LASTS. Let me tell you, you need to be quick with blending. I like to sweep it on, then pat it into my skin with my Sigma High Cheekbone Highlighter brush (best brush everrrr) quickly, because this is a powder that sets and does not budge. I felt my glow fade along the 8 hour mark, but there had been no fall-out or stray shimmer on my face.
  • Great for light, light-medium, olive, and tan skin tones.
  • Packaging is lovely. Best out of all the highlighters I own. (And I own a lot of highlighters.)

The meh

  • I think it may look a little ashy on deeper skinned beauties. Try it for yourself at a Sephora counter, though.
  • I think it is a bit expensive. For 5.7 g, it should be priced at like $28 or $30 max, not $32.


Like I said, I like to sweep it on, then pat it into my skin with my Sigma High Cheekbone Highlighter brush with quick motions because this sets quickly and glows into tomorrow. I prefer the High Cheekbone Highlighter brush for a strobed glow, and the Sigma fan brush for a light one. Side note: I ❤️ Sigma brushes. Gonna do a post on that, hopefully soon.

The swatch pictures below have all been taken in daylight at various times.

Sigma Brushes, Pretty Vulgar Highlighter

Do I recommend this?

YES. Am I repurchasing it? I plan to. It has quickly become a favorite for the amazing formula, the shade, and the packaging. I would give this a 5/5.



In Other News

I twisted my ankle. 😦

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Benefit Cosmetics Dandelion Twinkle Highlighter – Review & Swatches

Benefit Cosmetics’ new Dandelion Twinkle powder highlight is described by Sephora as:

What it is:
A nude-pink, powder highlighter.

What it does:
Get your glow on with Dandelion Twinkle—Benefit’s long-lasting, highlighting and luminizing powder in a perfect, nude-pink shade. It’s formulated with baked technology to impart a sheer, ultra-lightweight texture and delicate radiance—ideal for highlighting and brightening for a luminous girly glow. It features a signature, dandy daydream fragrance with notes of delicate blossom, and the powder comes with a soft-bristle brush.

What else you need to know:
Dandelion Twinkle’s baked technology creates a superfine, whisper-light radiance. A little goes a long way, providing you with the same number of uses as your other Benefit Cosmetics’ Box O’ Powders.

Beauty tip:
Layer watt’s up! under Dandelion Twinkle to boost your glow.

The site describes it as a nude pink powder highlighter and I completely agree.

The yay

  • The shade is beautiful. It really is a gorgeous glow, almost devoid of any color, hence nude-pink would be the closest description.
  • This highlight is more pure radiance than it is an actual shade, so I think it could suit all skin tones. However, on the deepest of skin tones it may look ashy, so try it before you buy it!
  • It lasted about 5 hours on me before fading slightly.
  • Cute packaging, and it has a mirror and brush included.
  • The brush it comes with is actually useful, though I still use my Sigma cheekbone highlighter brush.
  • The description says it has a fragrance but I could not smell any.

The meh

  • THE PRICE TO QUANTITY RATIO IS SO OFF, LIKE WHAT THE TRUCK, BENEFIT?!?! WHY YOU TRYNA PLAY US ALL?! Listen to me. You get three grams of product for twenty nine dollars. Yes. You read that right. On average most companies give around 5 – 6 g of product as far as highlighters go, for around that price. The price of Dandelion Twinkle means you pay almost $10 per gram of product. Take Colourpop’s pressed shadows for instance. Here, you pay $5 for 1.5 g of product. (Granted, Colourpop is not as expensive as Benefit on average but) basically, Benefit is either trying to rob us or their marketing staff may have genuinely overlooked the amount when pricing this product. At this rate, you are better off buying a highlighter from a more high-end company because you will probably at least get some value for your money. (I know you may be wondering “Then why did you buy it?!”, and I will answer that in a while.)
  • It is not a strong highlight, it is more of a built up glow. Like you really have to go over it a couple of times to get a nice radiance on your cheekbones. It is not for people who like a strobed look.
  • It is quite powdery and almost rough to the touch but this does not translate similarly on the face.
Click on these images and then right click + Open Image In New Window to zoom.

Do I recommend this?

Listen. I went to Ulta to return some things. So I got money back with that. And I was like, ‘I’d already spent that money, so I might as well use it to get something nice.’ So I swatched the shade, which really is beautiful, and I ended up getting this at a very low price (one that actually justifies buying it, SMH). Before that I had decided that I was not going to get it, BECAUSE THREE GRAMS.

I am all about being fair, and I don’t think the pricing here is fair. But this is a lovely glow, not one that I have come across with any other highlighter I own. If that is the case with you, I suggest going to your local Ulta or Sephora and trying it before buying it. If you don’t care about the price-quantity ratio and live for a naturally radiant glow, go for it.


Ulta or Sephora.


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Sancan Professional 10-Piece Soft Oval Makeup Brush Set Review

Sancan Professional 10-Piece Soft Oval Makeup Brush Set is described on Amazon as below:

About the Product
  • Compatible with any type of foundation,BB Cream,powder,blush,Liquid etc.
  • The Brush hair is made of high quality synthetic fiber hair which is super soft and comfortable for the skin;
  • Super soft thick hair,it is comfortable for your skin,also fit for sensitive skin, it can protect and beauty your skin well.
  • Perfect christmas gifts for women
  • Going from largest to smallest, brushes 1-3 can be used for foundations, 3-5 for contouring the forehead and cheekbones, 5-10 for concealer, 5 and 10 for eyeshadow, 6-8 for sculpting eyebrows, and 8 9 for lips. These brushes are rather universal in that they cover all needs in terms of application.

You get 10 brushes of various sizes for $29.95.

General Overview

  • These brushes are very dense and quite soft. They are made of synthetic  fiber hair which sometimes irritates my skin, but I have yet to comment on that. If I have any updates about these irritating my skin, I will let you know.
  • They do not tug at the skin.
  • They disperse the product very evenly and smoothly with no streaking. The finish is a very natural, almost blurred, airbrushed one.
  • The brush head sits on a thin, tapered design (made of plastic) but it is still very sturdy, at least in my experience. Again, if any brush breaks, I will update this.
  • You get 10 very multi-functional brushes for $29.95, which to me is a great price for quality and versatility.
  • They come in a very nice case (Check it out here on my Instagram).
  • Best to wash these before first use. They dry quickly after washing, too.

Application, characteristics, and usage of each brush


Brush 1
  • Quite huge head.
  • Sturdy with soft bristles.
  • Good for applying moisturizer or other skincare product to entire face.
  • Can also be used on the body.
Brush 2
  • Sturdy with soft bristles.
  • Good for buffing moisturizer and foundation into the face.
  • Can also be used on the body.
Brush 3
  • Perfect for applying foundation on the face.
  • Sturdy with soft bristles.
  • Can also be used to buff in cream or powder bronzer.
Brush 4
  • Sturdy with soft bristles.
  • Perfect for buffing in under-eye concealer or cream highlighter.
  • Can also be used for buffing in cream or powder bronzer.
Brush 5
  • Very sturdy, soft bristles.
  • Perfect for application of cream or powder bronzer.
Brushes 6, 7, and 8
  • I use these for nose contour or eye brow powder application.
  • They are all very sturdy and the bristles, while somewhat stiffly set, still manage to feel soft.
  • I use 7 to apply nose contour to the sides of my nose, and then 6 or 5 to blend it in.
  • I use 8 to apply and blend a highlight shade down the center of my nose. It is also useful to apply brow powder.
Brushes 9 and 10
  • Very sturdy and stiff yet soft on the face
  • Both good for blending in nose contour or highlight on the nose/brow-bones/even cheekbones. Also useful for blending in eye-shadow in a pinch.


While the brushes are all great for the above-mentioned uses, they are not limited to these; they are actually quite versatile and can be used in many more ways.

I think for the price, these oval brushes are soft, sturdy to the touch, and great for makeup application. The handle joint is a bit thin; I am afraid of breaking that off, and if that happens I will update the review.

For now, I am very happy with my purchase and recommend these brushes.



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Mikasa Beauty Techni 02 Oval (S) Brush



So I’m pretty late to catch up on the new oval brush trend, but I’m so glad I finally did, with this multi-purpose brush by Mikasa Beauty.

From their site:

The perfect multi-purpose tool. This brush can be used for precise application of contour products. It can also be used to apply a soft wash of color to the eyelid or brow bone. It easily blends powder or cream eye shadows, face powders, and liquid or cream concealers in the hard-to-reach contours of the face. Made of 100% synthetic fibres. Features an ultra-durable, flexible handle, and a tilted brush head for ultimate precision.

Brush Hair: high grade synthetic fibre

Cost: $25

For reference, this brush is about the size of an actual toothbrush, lengthwise. The brush head is about an inch long. 

The Yay

This brush has seriously changed the way my foundation/concealer/powder look. It offers a beautiful, truly airbrushed finish that is smooth and blurs out the natural texture of my skin and and blemishes/pores.

I first used this to apply my foundation which went on more smoothly and evenly than it did with a BeautyBlender or a kabuki brush. Then I applied my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer on top with the brush, and it settled down to a gorgeous natural finish which wasn’t in the least bit streaky or cakey.

Then I set my foundation and concealer with this brush using my Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder. My eyes are deep set so it is difficult getting base products into the inner corners, but with this brush I was able to do it smoothly and evenly.

I kept my makeup on for about 6 hours, without any setting spray, and let me tell you, there wasn’t a single sign of caking, or lines, or powdery-ness.

This brush really did upgrade my entire makeup application process, for the better.

It is so soft on the face, sturdy to hold and sweep across the skin, and can be used with multiple products.

It also blended my powder nose contour flawlessly for a finish that was natural, yet made a difference.

Colour me impressed!

The Meh

I think the brush they offer which is bigger than this one would be better for quicker foundation application. This one, due to its smaller size, takes a longer while with blending.

It is relatively expensive at $25, as is their set that this brush is a part of, plus shipping costs are high. Still, Mikasa Beauty often gives out coupons for money off.

Do I recommend this?

It’s soft, good quality, and really makes makeup application easy and flawless. I would say try it out!


Mikasa Beauty. You can get 25% off on the whole site with my code MAAYZAMAKEUP25!