HudaBeauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks - Review and comparison with possible dupes

HudaBeauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks – Review & Comparison With NYX Lip Lingerie and J.Cat Beauty Lipfinity Matte Lip Kissproof

HudaBeauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks - Review and comparison with possible dupes

HudaBeauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks

I got the HudaBeauty Liquid Matte lipsticks in the shades Icon and Bombshell a while back.

Sephora says:

What it is:
A highly comfortable, long wear liquid lipstick that dries matte with intense color pay-off and transfer-proof properties.

What it does:
Introducing Huda Beauty’s latest lip beautifier: the Liquid Matte, an unrivaled take on the liquid lipstick. The tried and true comfort-wear formula from top beauty expert, Huda Kattan, is infused with antioxidants and an exclusive complex to help maintain the lips’ hydration. The lightweight formula glides on a thin coat of color that intensifies as it sets to a matte, transfer-free finish with amazing staying power. You might even forget you’re wearing anything on your lips at all! The must-have shades can be worn alone or combined to create the perfect color for any occasion. Pair it with a complementary Huda Beauty Lip Contour to set off your look.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens
– Phthalates

What else you need to know:
“I created these because I could never find a liquid lipstick that suited my needs. This formula is so light, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all, but gives you a long-lasting, transfer-free finish in shades to die for.”—Huda Kattan

This product is cruelty-free and free of gluten. Please note: the color’s appearance may vary based on skintone once set.

You get 5 ml of product for $20.

The Shades


This is described as a classy peachy pink. On my lips, it is actually pretty dark and shows up as a hybrid between red and pink. It is a very glamorous shade if you want a bold lip, or something classy for a night out.


This is described as a subtle pinkish nude, and it is my favorite of the two. Normally lighter shades look like neon highlighter on my pigmented lips, but this shows its actual true color on my lips and is so perfect for daytime/summer/with a smokey eye/for a no makeup look. The list is endless. On my lips, this looks like it has a coral tint to it.

The Yay

  • Beautiful finish. These actually feel hydrating on the lips and sit so well once they dry.
  • They don’t really come off unless I have a big meal or eat something very oily. This is a primary reason why they’re two of the best shades in my collection and why I turn to them time and again if I know I’ll be wearing my makeup for a while.
  • When they fade, they do so very evenly, especially Bombshell which fades to look like it is actually my own lip color.
  • Very lightweight on the lips.
  • Packaging is very pretty.

The Meh

  • They take a while to dry.
  • They are on the more expensive end of the spectrum, but like I said, they’re good quality!

Do I recommend these?

If you have $ to spend and you really want to try these out, I say go for it. There is a huge range of shades and they are very good quality lipsticks. I will probably keep repurchasing Bombshell forever.






Icon (top) and Bombshell (bottom)


Icon (top) and Bombshell (Bottom)


Because I love Bombshell so much, I checked to see if there are any cheaper dupes for it in my collection, and came up with some possible picks.

NYX Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim and Bedtime Flirt



The NYX site describes these as:

Slip into something seductive with Lip Lingerie, our luxurious liquid lipstick with a plush, Matte finish. Available in the color-kissed hues you know and love—from cinnamon pink and chocolate brown, to warm mahogany red and classic nude beige—plus, 12 brand-new nudes! Each sultry shade will coat the curves of your lips with irresistibly creamy color.

They retail for $7 (4 ml).

Bedtime Flirt is described as a red-toned pink, and it is a very light one at that. It is the perfect nude lip and on my lips, looks almost similar to HudaBeauty Bombshell. The main difference is in texture; Bedtime Flirt is more creamy and moussy, and that shows on the lips while Bombshell is thinner in texture and sits on the lips very lightly. Bedtime Flirt does not feel drying on the lips.

Ruffle Trim is described as a cinnamon pink and looks like a coral pink on my lips. I thought this would be more like Bombshell but in my swatches I think Bedtime Flirt is a closer dupe. This shade is also non-drying and creamy in texture.

Do I recommend these?

For $7, you can’t go wrong. Big shade range, creamy on the lips, great for daily wear.




J.Cat Beauty Lipfinity Matte Lip Kissproof


I saw this dupe on the DupeThat Instagram profile, and it was only $4.99 on Forever 21 so I bought it in the shade Champagne Buzz.

Champagne Buzz has no description on the site but it is a nude pink shade that looks very much like Bombshell. The only trouble is that it applies streaky and has to be evened out with more coats. It also does not feel hydrating like Bombshell, but what do you expect for a quarter of the price? Normally when I apply Bombshell, I keep Champagne Buzz in my purse for touch ups.

Do I recommend this?

For $4.99? Give it a try, I would say. Plus you get a whopping 12 g of product.





Bedtime Flirt + Ruffle Trim, Bedtime Flirt, Ruffle Trim, Bombshell, Champagne Buzz, Icon – Below, Top To Bottom: Icon, Champagne Buzz, Bombshell, Ruffle Trim, Bedtime Flirt, Ruffle Trim + Bedtime Flirt


Bedtime Flirt + Ruffle Trim, Bedtime Flirt, Ruffle Trim, Bombshell, Champagne Buzz, Icon

In case it may seem there are discrepancies in lighting, these swatch pictures have been taken in natural light and left unedited to give as accurate a depiction of the product shades as possible.
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Jouer Cosmetics Haul

Jouer Cosmetics is relatively new in the makeup world, but their offerings have gotten so popular so fast, I just had to sample a few of them. I also follow their founder Christina Zilber  on Snapchat (Snapchat: czjouer), and she’s such a sweet and down-to-earth person that I really wanted to support her brand. Recently they had a sale and I got their Slim Creme Eyeliner set and two Long Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipsticks.

I forgot how much the eyeliner set cost, but the liners are now available individually for $18, as are the liquid lipsticks.

Top Melon, bottom Petale de Rose


I have this in two shades, Melon and Petale de Rose. Regarding the shades, the former is a bit too light for my NC20-25 skin tone to be used without a lip liner, at least in the evening. In the daylight, I can just pull it off. The latter is a beautiful vibrant-but-muted-enough pink that I think would suit all skin tones.

The Yay
  • These liquid lipsticks are actually quite hydrating and comfortable on the lips. They don’t dry out my lips and once applied, they set quickly and do not budge. My lips do not feel tight or uncomfortable with these on.
  • The staying power is phenomenal. I applied these the other day, went to a movie, had popcorn and pretzels and I reapplied this in the dark not knowing whether it had come off or not. Came back home from the movie and literally went to bed with this on, then I woke up and had breakfast and let me tell you: this lipstick stayed on until I used Vaseline and a tissue to vigorously wipe it off. 
  • There are so many colors to choose from.
  • You get a generous 6 ml for a reasonable price in my opinion.
The Meh
  • Available online only

Top to bottom: Matte black, Matte charcoal, Matte brown, Matte plum, Matte navy, Matte green


This set includes 6 liners, all matte in green, navy, plum, brown, charcoal, and black shades.

The Yay
  • Insanely smooth. They don’t drag at all. At all. It is like BUTTAH.
  • The pigmentation is amazing as well. The shades are all so vibrant.
  • I got the set at an incredibly reasonable price.
  • Sharpener included at the bottom of the pencil.
  • It is a twisty pencil so yay. I hate sharpening stuff.
The Meh
  • I ordered the black shade once before and the actual lead, like the stuff you put on your eye, had broken off from the bottom when I received it. And with this set, I’ve had the same problem with the black shade. What even, I say.
  • Some shades are pointier than others which makes me wonder if the other ones were swatched before being packaged…
  • Available online only.

Do I recommend this brand and these products?

Honestly, yes! They have good deals, the owner is very responsive even on her Snapchat, she has a code which gives you 15% off (I believe it is CZ15OFF), and the products have great pigmentation, variety, and longevity, even if some may not be packaged well.

Do check them out if you haven’t already. Christina has also worked with UNICEF and you can check out her work on her Snapchat (czjouer).


Jouer cosmetics.

Top to bottom: Slim Creme Eyeliner in Matte black, Matte charcoal, Matte brown, Matte plum, Matte navy, Matte green. Liquid Lipstick in Melon and Petale de Rose

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Liquid Lip Loves

Hey y’all. I know I’ve been MIA for more than a month now, and I’ll tell you why at the end of this post so as not to bore you off midway through it. I’m trying to post regularly here again, and today I’ll tell you about some liquid/cream lipsticks I’ve been trying out recently.


I’ve spoken of my love for NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream multiple times in the past, and their new release, shade Rome is no exception. Described as a medium nude with red undertone, this shade is ridiculously gorgeous. I love how comfortable the formula is, I love the wear time, I love everything about the SMLC range (for details, click the link above). The shade is so unique and looks beautiful on my light-medium skin. I think Rome will suit just about all complexions.


The NYX Liquid Suede range got a lot of sh!t for having a crappy formula when it first came out, and I kind of understand why. To me, it feels a bit tacky on the lips. That said, it goes on smoothly, does not streak, and doesn’t budge once it is on my lips. I kissed the back of my hand once I wore this and it had set; it didn’t come off.

Soft Spoken is described by NYX as a mauve nude – NYX really hits the nail on the head when it comes to describing their shades. This shade has been compared to KVD Lolita which is primarily why I bought it (I don’t own Lolita, btw. Idk why I just do not wish to shell out so much money for a liquid lipstick.) Nonetheless, the shade is gorgeous; it is MLBB and then some. It compliments my skin tone, doesn’t wash me out, and looks fab with a smokey eye or a natural, everyday look.

I’d give this an 8/10, were I to rate it. 7.5 if I was being harsh.


I’ve reviewed other shades from the range here, if you want details. I’ve been after Make Your Move for a while now, and I’m glad I got it; it is easily my favorite shade in this range. It looks very natural, a medium nude-rose with a hint of brown and light gold shimmer which isn’t visible (I hope that description makes sense).

This one kind of differs from the other three I own because the formula is kind of sticky. Yeah, idk why. I actually prefer using the gloss at the other end of the tube with this one because otherwise it feels sticky on the lips and takes legit 15 minutes to dry. I have to smack my lips repeatedly when I’m in a hurry, trying to get this to dry. On days when I have the time, it sets beautifully but still remains a bit sticky so the gloss is a welcome relief from having my lips stuck together all day.

Perhaps it is the formula for this particular tube because this problem doesn’t exist with the other three shades I own. That said, the shade itself is lovely and a perfect MLBB shade for me.


In Other News

So the reason I’ve been MIA is because I got a job, and then left my job in the past month. The job I got was at an elementary school as a teacher. The kids were adorable, the faculty was amazing, and the administration? They sucked. I’m not the sort of person to stick around working for assholes, plus I’ve been hella sick lately and took some leaves anyway, so I was like why not take a permanent one?

So yeah, March has been an interesting month and resuming blogging is a welcome relief, to say the least.

Rimmel Provocalips 16HR Kissproof Lip Color

Rimmel’s Provocalips are basically matte lip colors with a shine/lock clear liquid on the other end of the tube.

Rimmel US:

Up to 16 Hours of lip liberation. Wild without a trace!

• Kiss proof, transfer proof, food proof high impact endless colour.

• No tight feeling or dry lips. Lips feel smooth and moisturized all day long.

• Easy removal with Oil based makeup remover

STEP 1: Apply colour and keep lips apart for 60 seconds until the product sets.

STEP 2: Apply topcoat to lock the colour, moisture and add shine.

I was gifted these (by a relative) in the shades Little Minx, Heart Breaker, and Play With Fire.


The shades

Little Minx is a bright fuchsia with blue undertones which often looks too bright for my liking so I quickly blot it immediately after application. That way it turns into a more muted shade and looks quite lovely IMO.

Play With Fire is a brown-toned red which dries deeper. I’m a fan of blue-based reds so this one is good when mixed with other shades, like nudes, to make it a little less, idk, 90s vixen.

Heart Breaker is a unique shade. It looks like a very deep terracotta nude on lighter skins and a peach-terracotta shade on darker ones. On me it looks great once blotted, Kylie Jenner-esque. Also it’s a great base for some of the lighter pinks that I own and turns them into lovely mid-toned shades. There is a faint trace of pale gold shimmer in this shade which disappears upon application.

I did not detect any fragrance in these.

The yay

  1. Staying power – friggin amazing. Honestly these last and last. Come tea, oily food, or kisses. One of the best formulas out there I think. And I’ve tried lots of ’em.
  2. Great shade range.
  3. Affordable.
  4. Can be made glossy based on your preference. Personally I think the “Step 1” part is more than enough to ensure long lasting color and I also prefer matte over glossy.

The meh 

  1. The formula is thin. It makes lining lips with the product difficult and I tend to apply more than I need.


I use the doe-foot applicator to dab on the product, (over)line my (thin) lips with the edge, and fill in the product usually with my finger tip for best results.

These dry darker than how they go on initially.


Top to bottom: Little Minx, Heart Breaker, Play With Fire


Top to bottom: Little Minx, Heart Breaker, Play With Fire

Do I recommend these?

I wanted these in Make Your Move and I’ll Call You but those weren’t available. Yes I recommend checking them out if you want an affordable liquid lipstick that lasts and can be made glossy should you desire.


Online and at Rimmel stands. Available at Boots for £6.99.