Beautiful Blogger Award!

A huge thanks to Schnauzevoll at for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award, back in 2015! Being a lazy/busy slob, I just got around to having a look at this. So the rules for this Award / Tag are: * Thank the person who nominated you * Write 7 facts about yourself * […]

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The Liebster Award

Got around to doing this quite late, as I’ve been busy lately, buy yay, I got nominated for my first Liebster Award! A huge thanks to Sandeep Kaur and Written In The Cosmets for the nomination! Check out their wonderful blogs please, and give them a follow if you don’t already. 🙂 The Rules: Once […]

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The Creative Blogger Award

A huge thanks to Mkajya for the nomination! She has a great blog full of fun posts and lovely photography, do check it out and give her a follow! RULES FOR THE CREATIVE BLOGGER AWARD ARE AS FOLLOWS: Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. Share 5 facts about […]

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Sunshine Blogger Award!

A huge thanks to The Life Of An Anxious Teen for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Please go check out this wonderful blog, if you haven’t already! The rules: Thank the person/people who nominated you Answer the questions from your nominators. Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions.

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Blogger Awards!!!

So I’ve just been nominated for my very first blogger awards! I don’t have much of an idea how this works, but a huge thanks to The Rare Ruby and Babbajazzleblog for the nominations! Please check out their wonderful blogs if you haven’t already! So onto the awards, which I’ll discuss together in one post:

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