My most favorite beauty product ever

My most favourite beauty product EVER – Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base 

My most favorite beauty product ever


Why I adore it

I recall seeing this product some 2-3 years ago on Temptalia, and I have dreamed of owning it ever since. Now that I finally have it, it is ✨✨~everything I have ever wanted, and more~✨✨.

I am not the kind of person to spend in excess of $40 on a face product, so this is the first bougie product I have ever purchased.

And I wish to keep purchasing it for as long as I have the means to do so. I hope Burberry never stops making this product.

Nordstrom calls it “A lightweight, luminous fluid base that gives the skin a gentle fresh shimmer and sheer dewy finish.” I completely agree with that description. To me, this product is incredibly versatile: it can be used under makeup as a radiance-boosting base or as a liquid highlighter, but I prefer to use it for the former purpose.

This product is the embodiment of a glow that is defined as “lit from within”. I have this in the shade Nude Radiance, and it makes my skin – blemishes, uneven tone, dark circles, and all – look like I just stepped out of a magazine cover, gently bathed in dewy luminosity. It is like airbrushed, soft-focused skin IRL.

I rave about my highlighters and luminizers all the time, and I do it for a reason – they are all wonderful. If I were to rate them, most of them would get a 9/10. This one, however, is a 10. Worn under makeup, it keeps my face looking fresh, healthy, and glowing in a way that is nothing short of flawless. This product is ethereal, and I don’t think my swatches do it justice.

One small pump from the luxuriously designed bottle is ample for covering the entire face in dewy radiance. You get 30 ml of product, which I think is quite generous for the price.

The only con I can think of about this fluid base is that if a thick moisturizer is worn under this, it causes the product to pill. Worn over powder, it will do the same.

I have, since hearing of luminizers many years ago, searched for the perfect representation of radiance in a bottle – and with the Burberry Luminous Fluid Base in Nude Radiance, I believe I have found it.

You can find it at Nordstrom and Sephora.

Keep reading on for possible dupes and swatches.


Any Possible Dupes?

I own many products often considered possible dupes to this product (check the Temptalia link above), including the Becca Backlight Priming Filter, NARS BLKR Illuminator, and the Illamasqua Gleam in Aurora.

Note: The similarity ratings below are my opinion, they are not anything “solid” or “official”, so to speak.

Of these dupes, I find the one that comes slightly close in texture and purpose is the Becca product, but even that is more of a subdued and relatively more visibly shimmery glow in comparison to this celestial offering by Burberry. (90% similar)

Illamasqua’s Aurora is a cream product and is more of a cream highlighter than a base to be mixed in. Also I find it is more gold while the Burberry product is more of a liquid, nude glow. (90% similar)

The NARS BLKR Illuminator is similar in shade (NARS is slightly more white gold than nude) and texture (the fluidity of both products is similar), but in sunlight or bright light, the minute, tinyyy shimmer in the NARS product is somewhat visible. Still, I believe this is a good dupe for my beloved Burberry. It gives a lovely radiance to the face under makeup or over foundation. (90% to 85% similar)

I find the Perricone MD No Highlighter Highlighter is a good dupe to this product, as far as texture and a lit-from-within glow goes, but my calculations show that the Luminous Fluid Base is better value for money. You get 30 ml for $48 with Burberry and 10 ml for $35 with Perricone MD. That means with Burberry, you get .625 ml for $1 and with Perricone MD, you get .2857 ml for $1. (85% similar)

I find nothing really compares 100% to the Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base, but the aforementioned products give a similar effect. (*cue Sinead O’Connor’s ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’*)

Keep checking out my Instagram for dupe swatches. I will try to post some soon.


Pictures have all been taken in daylight at different times. Follow me here on Instagram.


Estée Lauder Face Favorites!


Today I want to share my favorite foundations and concealer from Estēe Lauder. I love all of these products and they are some of my all-time favorite base products.

(products placed on Martha Stewart Living Magazine March 2017)

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup


Says Estée Lauder:

Proven 24-hour staying power.

The same long-wear makeup you love, now proven to last even longer. Looks flawless and natural.

Feels lightweight and so comfortable, you won’t believe it’s super long wear.

Won’t change color, smudge or come off on clothes.

Lasts through heat and humidity.

This foundation is matte and is supposed to have medium to full coverage.

I have this in the shade 1N2 Ecru. It is a beautiful matte foundation, and has coverage that starts out as a medium that is still able to hide most flaws, to a full, flawless finish. The shade range has warm, cool, and neutral tones. 1N2 is a little lighter/more neutral than my warm NC20 skin tone, but it does help neutralize the yellow tones of my skin. I think after this bottle finishes, I will try the shade Desert Beige.

I LOVE this foundation. The finish is beyond beautiful; it is truly my-skin-but-better. It covers literally all of my blemishes and gives a natural, healthy radiant but matte look. The staying power is fantastic, this lasts all day. The longest I have worn it has been 10 hours, with minimal oiliness at the 6/7 hour mark.

The only flaw with this is shade selection; they offer so many (this could also be a pro) that it is hard to choose a shade.

With this, a little goes a long way but blending has to be swift as this dries quickly. Also, if you have dry skin, moisturize underneath this, I would say.

Note: This does not come with a pump, but I got one for it from MAC Cosmetics, which fits the bottle perfectly!

Estée Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup


From the site:

12-hour wear. Natural-looking. Long-wearing.

This soothing liquid-creme makeup is designed to camouflage all skin imperfections, including surgical and acne scars, tattoos, birthmarks, sun spots and varicose veins. Helps protect with SPF 15.

I was told about this by an amazing MUA when I went to New Jersey. This foundation is the most full coverage product I have used to date. I honestly believe I didn’t know what full coverage was until I met this baby. On a good skin day, this can be used in place of concealer and you’re good to go.

Again, I adore this product. The coverage is fantastic. It is matte, lasts forever (longest I wore this has been about 9-10 hours and again, oiliness was minimal), and mark my words: you need a very small amount to work with. You can build it up, but please don’t start with a huge amount unless you want to look cakey.

I have this in the shade 1N3 Creamy Vanilla, and the flaw here is that shade selection is very limited. But this shade is a good enough match for my NC20 skin.

This also dries quickly and is not very forgiving on dry skin, so blend and moisturize well, I would say.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Flawless Wear Concealer


The company says:

Looks flawless. Lasts 15-hours. Feels comfortable, never dry. Stays seamless, without creasing.The lightweight creme formula creates the perfected look of flawless skin and lasts all day. Transfer-resistant, color-true, with medium buildable coverage that won’t slip, slide or melt away. Luminous finish.

Infused with minerals and emollients to condition skin and make blending easy. Oil-free. Water, perspiration and humidity-resistant.


To start, choose a concealer shade that matches your foundation or is one shade lighter.

For best results, we recommend applying concealer after applying your foundation.

Use Double Wear Concealer with Concealer Brush 5. Swipe concealer to back of hand, then with brush smooth on over desired area. Blend well.

Targeted concealing techniques: For darkness around eyes, go with a slightly lighter shade than your foundation. For puffiness, slightly darker. For uneven skintone, wear the same exact shade as your foundation.

I have this in the shade Warm Light. Like the two products above, this concealer offers matte, insanely full coverage which is easy to go overboard with, so I use it sparingly and build it up. It also lasts about 8-10 hours on me before I take off my makeup.

This concealer is perfect for highlighting and concealing the under eye area, and gives me a fresh, wide awake look in a minute. It does not irritate the eye area at all, and also makes a great eyelid primer.

It is also not forgiving on dry patches, and is a bit liquidy and dries quickly, so I moisturize beforehand and blend it well.


Top to bottom: Estee Lauder Double Wear Flawless Wear Concealer (Warm Light), Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Coverage Makeup (1N3 Creamy Vanilla), Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Makeup (1N2 Ecru)

Final thoughts

I will keep it short and to the point: these three products offer phenomenal coverage, a naturally radiant finish, and are very long-lasting. I recommend all three. I also advise going to a Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, Macy’s, or Dillard’s to find your perfect match should you wish to purchase them.


Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s, and Estée Lauder online.




NYX Eye Shadow Base In Skin Tone: The Perfect Replacement for MAC Soft Ochre

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Mini Back-story

So a while back, my beloved MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre dried up for good and I was devastated. It was the perfect eye shadow base for my skin tone and I really didn’t like the thought of spending more $$ for something that dries up so quickly. (Which is weird considering how irresponsible with money I usually am.)

Enter NYX Eyeshadow Base in the shade Skin Tone. Someone on my Snapchat recommended this as an alternative for Soft Ochre, and after trying it, I couldn’t agree more. 

The Yay

  • While this looks darker in the pot, it actually isn’t this dark applied on the eyelid and damn son, it makes eyeshades POP. 
  • Keeps my eyeshadow poppin’ from 12 PM to 10 PM (or whenever I choose to take my makeup off/ go to bed. The point is, with this thing on your eyelid, that shadow is there to stay. Keep in mind this is in cold weather, btw. And my kids lids are not very oily.)
  • Available in two more shades.
  • Totes inexpensive so value for money.

The Meh

  • You have to dip your finger or brush in the pot which isn’t so hygienic.


I use my fingers to apply this onto my eyelids.

L-R: NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin ToneTease from Urban Decay Naked 2 palette with NYX Skin Tone and without

Do I Recommend This?

You bet yo ass. If Skin Tone is too dark for you, there is a white and pearlescent white shade available as well.


Ulta, NYX, Target.

In Other News

I made these Teriyaki stir-fried noodles yesterday. They were really good.

Also, I finally finished The Crown and am now watching Outlander. Outlander is like a Harlequin romance novel come to life.

MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal in Yellow

Yes, I’ve been MIA for what seems like years now. A huge apology to the wonderful fellow bloggers whose posts I’ve been unable to follow and another huge apology to anyone who follows this blog and looks forward to my posts.

Life has been slightly busy and while I’ve bought a ton of makeup in that time, I’ve barely found a peaceful moment in which to review any of it.


So today I bring to you something I’ve been using almost daily since I bought it a few weeks ago: MUA’s Pro-Base Prime & Conceal in the shade Yellow. This is basically a primer and a concealer (no shit, Sherlock), and it has won my heart.

(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Let’s get to the good and the bad.

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Little Pot Of Happiness: LUSH Feeling Younger Skin Tint

Apologies for being MIA for a while now; it’s been a busy week. So today I’ll unwind by reviewing a product that falls into my favorite category: highlighters.*heavenly music plays in the background*

A relative who is well aware of my love for highlighters bought me this product on a recent trip to Dubai. LUSH describes their Feeling Younger Skin Tint as follows:

A youthful glow

We wanted a highlighting skin tint that would give a gorgeous glow wherever it was applied, so we started with a base of beautiful ingredients (as we like to do). Soothing oatmeal decoction, cocoa butter and some of the best oils for the skin, jojoba and almond oils are blended together for a nourishing base that’s good for your skin. Blended in is a pigment that reflects light, brightening cheek bones, brow bones, the inner eyelid or even your décolletage for a sexy glow.

lush feeling younger skin tint 2

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LUSH Light Yellow Colour Supplement

LUSH Light Yellow Colour Supplement is described on the website as:

For warm, medium skin tones

Light Yellow is ideal for those with medium warm skin tones, or as a winter makeup for olive skins that haven’t seen the sun in a while. If you have tones of light brown to yellow and tend to tan easily, then Light Yellow will look most natural on you. Another way to tell if you have warm tones is to hold gold and silver jewelry up to your face. Which one compliments you more? Gold often suits warmer tones better than silver.

lush light yellow color supplement

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