The Body Shop Drops Of Glow Lustre Finish Creator – Review and Swatches


Says The Body Shop about the Drops OF Glow Lustre Finish Creator highlighting drops:

Meet your versatile new strobing obsession Drops of Glow Lustre Finish Creator. A one-stop shop for the girl on the go, you can use this clever blend on its own or mixed with your favorite beauty products for instant luminosity anywhere, any time. From giving your foundation healthy-looking radiance or going all dewy with your day cream, you are one drop away from lighting up your look. Highlight your cupid’s bow, get your cheekbones chiselled, accent your eyes by using as a topcoat to eyeshadow… the possibilities are endless.

  • Instant illuminating sheen

  • Light liquid texture

  • Pipette for easy mixing

You get 15 ml for $20, and these days it is on sale for $12!

The Yays:

  • I’ll say it right here, right now – I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! The Body Shop Drops Of Glow Lustre Finish Creator is a gorgeous, warm pink/nude shade that is devoid of ANY VISIBLE SHIMMER; its all glow, baby. It is all glow.
  • What I love about The Body Shop Drops Of Glow Lustre Finish Creator is that it is very understated to begin with; it looks more like genuinely healthy, dewy skin instead of a “they can see me from Mars” glow.
  • These highlighting drops can be built up for an even more radiant complexion; and they still just look like radiant skin, not an in your face kind of highlight.
  • These highlighting drops have a bunch of uses; they can be used mixed in with foundation, used as a radiance primer, as a highlighter, on the body, on top of bare lips or lipstick, and on the eyes to make them look wide awake. Personally, I am currently loving using these Drops Of Glow in the former three ways.
  • On me, these last all day from morning to evening (about 8 hours, as far as I have counted), and I look like a dewy skinned goddess the whole time.
  • I think these highlighting drops would suit light to medium complexions best.
  • 15 ml for $20 is a good deal IMO. Plus The Body Shop always has sales going on.
  • The bottle is a glass one, and looks very pretty.

The Mehs:

  • The Body Shop Drops Of Glow Lustre Finish Creator might look ashy on deep skin due to the nude/pink shade; I think it is best to swatch it in stores and see for yourself.
  • The dropper design is a little annoying to work with at times.



I like to dab this product into my skin with a Beauty Blender or a Sephora #56 brush.

Do I recommend the Body Shop Drops Of Glow Lustre Finish Creator?

It is the first highlighter I have tried since the year began, and I love it. I am not normally a fan of glow drops; I used to love the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops before I realized that the glitter particles migrate all over my face during the day. These highlighter drops from The Body Shop are not guilty of that crime; they stay put during my day and make me look like I have radiant, dewy skin even on days when I really don’t. And for that reason, I love ’em.


The Body Shop online and in stores. ($20)

@thegirllovesmakeup Instagram

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