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Kylie Cosmetics The Wet Set Review And Swatches – UPDATE!

Ok, so I know this review is soooo late, since Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Jenner released The Wet Set ages ago as part of the Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Edition / Collection, and for a long time, I thought about not posting a review/swatches on it because it has been all over Instagram for so long now (including my instagram), and people have raved about it and vlogged about it and what not.

But then I was like I love The Wet Set, and y’all need to know!!!

So, here goes.

The Wet Set is described by Kylie Cosmetics as:

  • 4 Pressed Illuminating Powder Highlighters (net weight / pods net 4 X 4.5 grams / 4 X 0.16 oz)


The Wet Set highlighters are a silky-smooth, cream based formula with one stroke intensity. Each Wet Set highlighter can be used to create your perfect customized glow.

Unbothered is a rose gold.

Get A Way is a deepened champagne gold.

Do Not Disturb is a pinky silver.

Privacy Please is a silvery champagne.

Now on the website it says the net weight is 4 x 4.5 g, but on the packaging of the product the weight is given as 4 x 0.39oz or 4 x 11g.
11g for each highlight is a much higher amount of product for the price, which was $62.

Personally I believe the weight on the packaging is correct (because the palette feels heavy), otherwise it would be really stingy to give just 4.5 g x 4 for such a soaring price.

The Yays

  • The Kylie Cosmetics Wet Set highlighters really do feel wet to the touch; they are soft, silky, creamy, and bouncy.
  • They have really fine, soft shimmer in them, that is barely visible only in the harshest of lighting. They go on metallic, with a lovely radiant sheen, and can be sheered out, or layered on.
  • The shades have diverse undertones, but on my tan skin, they don’t look all too different from one another, which I actually really like.
  • The Wet Set highlighters did not really emphasize texture on my skin.
  • These set to a bit of a powder finish which makes them ideal for wear under or over powder.
  • The cream to powder finish means that people with oily skin may also be able to wear the Wet Set highlighters without fear of looking too oily.
  • These highlighters stay on my skin for a good 8 hours or so, diffusing slightly after 4-5 hours.
  • If the packaging is to be relied upon, $62 for 4 x 11g is a good amount of product. (4 x 11 = 44g. For 44g, the price is $62 so for 11g each it is about $15.50)
  • I love the sturdy packaging and the giant mirror provided by Kylie Cosmetics.

The Mehs

  • The limited availability is such a bummer; I would love for this to be permanent in the Kylie Cosmetics collection. (Kylie Jenner, are you listening? I need you to fulfill this request!)
  • For some, $62 might be too much.


I use my fingers, or a beauty blender, or a Sephora #56 brush to apply and blend these out.

Do I recommend this product?

I have tried only one Kylie Lip Kit before, in the shade Candy K, and that put me off Kylie Cosmetics for a while because I really did not like it. That said, I think Kylie Jenner really did a good job with this product. From its sturdy packaging, to the large mirror, to the glistening highlighters, and the generous quantity, the Kylie Cosmetics Wet Set delivers.

I really hope they bring it back in stock soon. (They still show it on the website, so it might mean the product will one day be resurrected.)

UPDATE (March 14, 2018): This product is now back in stock and I believe it is a permanent part of the Kylie Cosmetics collection!


Kylie Cosmetics online.

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