Zoeva Cosmetics Strobe Gels in Halo and Corona – Review & Swatches


I want to come right out and say it: I LOVE ZOEVA COSMETICS. Fantastic quality, beautifully packaged products, and affordable prices. What’s not to love?!

Their strobe gels in the shades Halo and Corona are two of the most beautiful highlighters I have ever tried. And I’ve tried a lot of highlighters.

The shades

Halo is a beautiful pearl which shifts cool or warm depending on the light, and looks positively ethereal on my NC20 skin.

Corona is a golden peach which makes me look like I’ve been sunning myself on the shores of Bora Bora since the past two weeks.

The yay

  • Where do I begin??? These highlighters look like they were spun out of actual, real fairy dust. There is no shimmer, there is just GLOW. Pure glow. Pure, unadulterated, dewy radiance.
  • The formula is a beautiful gel formula which, if you touch and leave a dent in it, literally falls back into place as if it had never been touched to begin with. It is one of the most unique formulas I have come across, and I adore it.
  • These do not budge once applied. They have lasted on me for 5 hours without fading before I had to take my makeup off for the day.
  • The application is smooth, and they don’t dry too quickly, so they are easy to work with; however you must be deft with application.
  • Another thing I love about them is that they look beautiful and smooth and poreless atop foundation OR powder, as the formula is such that it settles down to a creme-powder finish.
  • You can layer these for full on strobed glow or dab a little bit on to your high points to look like you are Tinkerbelle from Pixie Hollow herself.
  • There is a darker shade than these two, called Aureole, so there is something for all skin tones.
  • The packaging is beautifully and heavy and luxurious, and it looks like a $60 product instead of $15.80 one.
  • You get a generous 15 ml for $15.80. I feel like the people at Zoeva know my heart. ❤️ 

The meh

  • I feel so bad even thinking up a “meh”, as this product is SO good, but the packaging is quite shiny and glossy that it is bound to attract dirt.
  • I dip my finger into the pot to apply the product which is a hygiene no-no. You can use a brush though. A round concealer buffer brush would be great with this.
  • Only available online, and there is a $9 shipping fee. It is a flat rate.


I use my fingers or a round concealer buffer to apply this onto my cheekbones, and then I flutter and glide and dance through the rest of my day. (Click on the images below, then right click “Open Image In New Tab” to zoom.)

Do I recommend this?


*takes a minute to compose herself* 

This is a brilliant product and I suggest looking up other Zoeva products so you can place a bulk order to justify the flat rate shipping fee. I want to get their rose gold brush set next!



In Other News…

I have the Zoeva Cosmetics Plaisir Box too, and I can’t wait to review it for you guys! Just so you know, I ❤️ this too! Here’s a sneak peak:


This is my Instagram. Follow me, please and thank you. I have a moving swatch of these products on it, which you might like.

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