Wildfox Perfume Gift Set – A review of my most favourite perfume!


So I recently got a gift set of my most favorite fragrance – Wildfox Perfume!

Sephora says about Wildfox:

The fragrance for lovers, skinny dippers, barefoot explorers, and late night chocolate eaters, Wildfox is a dreamy bouquet that charms with dewy white florals, intrigues with absinthe and incense, and captivates with the silky warmth of honey and musks. It is a fragrance for dreamers and for those who believe in themselves.

Blending vintage Hollywood glamour with a wild, young aesthetic, the pink, cut-glass bottle sparkles.

Absinthe Mist, Apricot Blush, Incense, Jasmine Essence, Dewy Honeysuckle, White Camellia, Captive Musk, Honey, Ambrox.
Dreamy. Lush. Romantic.

Can I just say, I have never agreed with a description more!!!

Everything about the description fits this scent perfectly. It is sweet, but not too sweet or sweet enough to give you a headache. It is sexy while approachable and warm. It is somewhat powdery in a way that is fresh and romantic, and not grandma-like.

“Dreamy. Lush. Romantic.” is spot on!

In the gift set, there is a 100 ml bottle of the perfume, a 10 ml rollerball, and a 100 ml jar of body creme frosting.

The perfume itself lasts, but the scent is stronger and longer lasting when layered over the body creme. And can we take a second to talk about how beautiful that bottle is? It just lights up a dresser!

The body creme frosting is heavenly! It is smooth, dreamy, creamy, and smells like I’m floating on a luxurious bed of bliss. The jar is heavy and feels firm in the hand.

And, the rollerball is great for keeping in the handbag, or if you just want to try the scent and not really commit to it.

I’m obsessed with this scent and this set, and I really want to try the perfumed oil next!


Check out the line here on Sephora.


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