NYX Intense Butter Gloss Review + Swatches

Tres Leches, top. Apple Dumpling, bottom.


Ulta Beauty has this to say about the NYX Cosmetics Intense Butter Gloss:

Smother your lips with a silky gloss bursting with color! NYX Cosmetics Intense Butter Gloss keeps your lips soft and glossy without being sticky, in a variety of vibrant shades.

You get .27 oz of product for $5.99 with these, and the NYX Cosmetics website often has sales in which their price drops. Ulta has these in 24 shades.

Mini backstory for those who are interested

Now, I’m not much of a gloss person. I prefer matte lips to glossy ones, thank you. But sometimes matte lipstick makes my lips look dry AF, which is what prompted my decision to try these out for wearing them alone or on top of matte lipstick. And I am pleasantly surprised with the two shades I got: Tres Leches and Apple Dumpling.

The shades

Tres Leches is a lovely nude pink that is a tad bright on my lips though it looks muted in the swatches. It is, however, great for layering atop a darker lip color.

Apple Dumpling is a coral shade that also looks bright and almost neon on my lips, so is best paired with a darker base shade.

The yay

  • OMG YOU GUYS THESE ARE SO PIGMENTED 😮😮😮 One swipe is enough for intense pigment with these. They got the name right with this product.
  • Long lasting. I had a meal with this on, and while some of Tres Leches came off, I smacked my lips together and it settled into an even, pigmented coat once more.
  • Easy to swipe on, but it is a very thick and pigmented product so too much can make it look like it is dripping off the lips.
  • Very very glossy look, for those who dig that.
  • 24 shades, yo.
  • Looks great on top of matte lip colors.
  • On darker skin tones, this can be layered to neutralize/soften/brighten up very dark shades should one choose to do that.
  • So affordable.

The meh

  •  Very thick and pigmented product so too much can make it look like it is dripping off the lips.
  • Somewhat sticky. My hair sticks to it at times.

Do I recommend this?

Yes. It is a good quality product for an even better price, and you have so many shades to choose from.


Ulta, NYX.


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Side note: I started watching Breaking Bad (aka GREATEST SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION) once more and if the language in this post isn’t all too appropriate, you can blame that.


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