Sancan Professional 10-Piece Soft Oval Makeup Brush Set Review

Sancan Professional 10-Piece Soft Oval Makeup Brush Set is described on Amazon as below:

About the Product
  • Compatible with any type of foundation,BB Cream,powder,blush,Liquid etc.
  • The Brush hair is made of high quality synthetic fiber hair which is super soft and comfortable for the skin;
  • Super soft thick hair,it is comfortable for your skin,also fit for sensitive skin, it can protect and beauty your skin well.
  • Perfect christmas gifts for women
  • Going from largest to smallest, brushes 1-3 can be used for foundations, 3-5 for contouring the forehead and cheekbones, 5-10 for concealer, 5 and 10 for eyeshadow, 6-8 for sculpting eyebrows, and 8 9 for lips. These brushes are rather universal in that they cover all needs in terms of application.

You get 10 brushes of various sizes for $29.95.

General Overview

  • These brushes are very dense and quite soft. They are made of synthetic  fiber hair which sometimes irritates my skin, but I have yet to comment on that. If I have any updates about these irritating my skin, I will let you know.
  • They do not tug at the skin.
  • They disperse the product very evenly and smoothly with no streaking. The finish is a very natural, almost blurred, airbrushed one.
  • The brush head sits on a thin, tapered design (made of plastic) but it is still very sturdy, at least in my experience. Again, if any brush breaks, I will update this.
  • You get 10 very multi-functional brushes for $29.95, which to me is a great price for quality and versatility.
  • They come in a very nice case (Check it out here on my Instagram).
  • Best to wash these before first use. They dry quickly after washing, too.

Application, characteristics, and usage of each brush


Brush 1
  • Quite huge head.
  • Sturdy with soft bristles.
  • Good for applying moisturizer or other skincare product to entire face.
  • Can also be used on the body.
Brush 2
  • Sturdy with soft bristles.
  • Good for buffing moisturizer and foundation into the face.
  • Can also be used on the body.
Brush 3
  • Perfect for applying foundation on the face.
  • Sturdy with soft bristles.
  • Can also be used to buff in cream or powder bronzer.
Brush 4
  • Sturdy with soft bristles.
  • Perfect for buffing in under-eye concealer or cream highlighter.
  • Can also be used for buffing in cream or powder bronzer.
Brush 5
  • Very sturdy, soft bristles.
  • Perfect for application of cream or powder bronzer.
Brushes 6, 7, and 8
  • I use these for nose contour or eye brow powder application.
  • They are all very sturdy and the bristles, while somewhat stiffly set, still manage to feel soft.
  • I use 7 to apply nose contour to the sides of my nose, and then 6 or 5 to blend it in.
  • I use 8 to apply and blend a highlight shade down the center of my nose. It is also useful to apply brow powder.
Brushes 9 and 10
  • Very sturdy and stiff yet soft on the face
  • Both good for blending in nose contour or highlight on the nose/brow-bones/even cheekbones. Also useful for blending in eye-shadow in a pinch.


While the brushes are all great for the above-mentioned uses, they are not limited to these; they are actually quite versatile and can be used in many more ways.

I think for the price, these oval brushes are soft, sturdy to the touch, and great for makeup application. The handle joint is a bit thin; I am afraid of breaking that off, and if that happens I will update the review.

For now, I am very happy with my purchase and recommend these brushes.




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