BeneFit Cosmetics Dandelion Shy Beam Matte Highlighter Review


Sephora describes BeneFit’s Dandelion Shy Beam Matte Highlighter as follows:

What it is:
A nude-pink, matte-radiance highlighter.

What it does:
Put your complexion in the spotlight with this soft baby-pink, shimmer-less, natural-looking highlighter. Benefit’s Shy Beam is perfect for contouring, and it can be used under complexion products or as a spot highlighter over makeup. Ideal for all skin types, this foolproof highlighter can be swept on for subtle strobing or to give luminosity for a healthy, no makeup glow.

Beauty tip:
Apply Shy Beam where light would naturally hit your face: (cheekbones, above and below your browbones, along your temples, down the bridge of your nose, and above your cupid’s bow) and blend for a soft sheen

You pay $26 for 10 ml of product for this.

Why I Bought It

When this product first came out ages ago, I didn’t buy into the hype because I felt like you could easily achieve the same effect with a radiant color corrector or concealer. However, recently I swatched this at my local Sephora, and the pink-yellow undertone looked nice on my hand, plus I saw I needed very little product to cover a large area, so I bought it.

The cap has a brush attached which lets you apply the product in strokes.

The Yays

  • Innovative idea, which kind of works. This gives my face a very lit-from-within luminosity which is good on days when I don’t want a shimmery highlight.
  • The yellow undertone makes it work for light and medium skin tones, cool or warm toned.
  • Provides muted radiance for those who don’t heart shimmer.
  • You need a very small amount to cover areas you wish to highlight.
  • Lasts quite a while; about 6-7 hours on me (I washed it off after that).
  • GORGEOUS packaging.

The Meh

  • This dries quickly so blending must be prompt before it starts to look patchy.
  • May look ashy on deep skin tones.
  • I think the amount of product you get is ridiculously low for the price paid. I expected at least 15 ml for that price.
  • You could possibly achieve the same effect with a radiant concealer or color correcting products, including the NARS concealer, Sephora brand concealers and correctors, BareMinerals eye brightener, among others.


I apply this in strokes in a triangle shape under my eyes and down my nose for a highlighted look.



Do I recommend this?

It looks nice, but some people have said it barely shows up on their, skin, plus like I said, you don’t really need this product; you can get the same effect with other products like those mentioned above. I think you pay more for the packaging than the price TBH. I recommend this only if you are a HUGE fan of glow without shimmer. I don’t know if I will repurchase this, though I like the look it gives.




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