Jouer Cosmetics Haul

Jouer Cosmetics is relatively new in the makeup world, but their offerings have gotten so popular so fast, I just had to sample a few of them. I also follow their founder Christina Zilber  on Snapchat (Snapchat: czjouer), and she’s such a sweet and down-to-earth person that I really wanted to support her brand. Recently they had a sale and I got their Slim Creme Eyeliner set and two Long Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipsticks.

I forgot how much the eyeliner set cost, but the liners are now available individually for $18, as are the liquid lipsticks.

Top Melon, bottom Petale de Rose


I have this in two shades, Melon and Petale de Rose. Regarding the shades, the former is a bit too light for my NC20-25 skin tone to be used without a lip liner, at least in the evening. In the daylight, I can just pull it off. The latter is a beautiful vibrant-but-muted-enough pink that I think would suit all skin tones.

The Yay
  • These liquid lipsticks are actually quite hydrating and comfortable on the lips. They don’t dry out my lips and once applied, they set quickly and do not budge. My lips do not feel tight or uncomfortable with these on.
  • The staying power is phenomenal. I applied these the other day, went to a movie, had popcorn and pretzels and I reapplied this in the dark not knowing whether it had come off or not. Came back home from the movie and literally went to bed with this on, then I woke up and had breakfast and let me tell you: this lipstick stayed on until I used Vaseline and a tissue to vigorously wipe it off. 
  • There are so many colors to choose from.
  • You get a generous 6 ml for a reasonable price in my opinion.
The Meh
  • Available online only

Top to bottom: Matte black, Matte charcoal, Matte brown, Matte plum, Matte navy, Matte green


This set includes 6 liners, all matte in green, navy, plum, brown, charcoal, and black shades.

The Yay
  • Insanely smooth. They don’t drag at all. At all. It is like BUTTAH.
  • The pigmentation is amazing as well. The shades are all so vibrant.
  • I got the set at an incredibly reasonable price.
  • Sharpener included at the bottom of the pencil.
  • It is a twisty pencil so yay. I hate sharpening stuff.
The Meh
  • I ordered the black shade once before and the actual lead, like the stuff you put on your eye, had broken off from the bottom when I received it. And with this set, I’ve had the same problem with the black shade. What even, I say.
  • Some shades are pointier than others which makes me wonder if the other ones were swatched before being packaged…
  • Available online only.

Do I recommend this brand and these products?

Honestly, yes! They have good deals, the owner is very responsive even on her Snapchat, she has a code which gives you 15% off (I believe it is CZ15OFF), and the products have great pigmentation, variety, and longevity, even if some may not be packaged well.

Do check them out if you haven’t already. Christina has also worked with UNICEF and you can check out her work on her Snapchat (czjouer).


Jouer cosmetics.

Top to bottom: Slim Creme Eyeliner in Matte black, Matte charcoal, Matte brown, Matte plum, Matte navy, Matte green. Liquid Lipstick in Melon and Petale de Rose

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