Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer is described as follows by Boots International:

Product description

This light enhancing concealer conceals dark circles and imperfections whilst smoothing and hydrating for 24 hours.

How to Use

Apply using the wand applicator and blend with your fingers.

It retails for £7.99 on the site (7.8 ml).


The Story Of The Shades

I looked up reviews and swatches of this online, and couldn’t decide which shade to buy. (FYI, only 3 shades are available in this range.) So, ultimately, I decided to go for both shade 1 and 2, thinking I could mix them up if I needed to.

Should’ve bought shade 3, too.

Honestly, these look a lot darker online and in the bottle than they do in real life.

In my opinion, shade 1 will probably suit skin tones above NC15, or very fair ones, shade 2 will suit NC20-NC25 (NC30, at a stretch. For your reference, I am an NC25/30.), and shade 3 will probably be good for NC30-35.

This is just my own opinion btw! I can’t guarantee that those are the exact shades/matches. Basically shade 1 is good for very fair skin, shade 2 is good for fair-medium skin, and shade 3 is good for medium/tan/olive skin. (Huge drawback. Will come to that.)

Anyway, I use shade 1 as a highlight, and it works fairly well, as it covers and brightens. Shade 2  is better for both concealing and highlighting as it is closer to my skin tone.

The Good

  • Great coverage. Honestly. For a drugstore concealer, this is fantastic. Very pigmented and covers up my dark circles and blemishes. Medium to full coverage, I’d say.
  • Highlights well, and brightens the face.
  • Settles down to a luminous matte finish.
  • Doesn’t crease. Even without powder!
  • Stayed for 5 hours on my face without straying before I washed my face.
  • Neutral base so they could suit both yellow and pink toned skin.
  • Adorable packaging. I’m a sucker for frosted glass type stuff. (Frosted glass plastic? Faux-frosted glass?)
  • Inexpensive and value for money. You get 7.8 ml of product and don’t require much of it for use.
  • There’s a flowery, almost powdery scent to this which is definitely noticeable but not overpowering, by any means. I’m neutral towards it.
  • Really great concealer, given that you find your shade.

The Bad

  • Severely limited shade range. Huge drawback. Nothing for darker skin tones.
  • Also, these are the deceptive. They look darker in the bottle, and apply lighter on the skin. In my opinion, mind you!
  • Can emphasize dry patches so moisturizer is necessary.
  • Not easily available everywhere.
  • Mouth of the bottle can get messy.


I find this applies best with my damp beautyblender.

bourjois radiance reveal concealer review and swatches

Do I recommend this?

If you’re fair to medium skinned, and you find a suitable shade, you may really like the coverage and finish this gives in such a small amount of money.

I will personally get shade 3 also, for my dark circles, while keeping shade 2 for highlighting and quick concealing. Might get another bottle of shade 2, too.


Boots for £7.99.

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