Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer In Cool Medium

The Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer has reached something of a cult status in recent years, for its mythical ability to cover up even the most raccoon-like dark circles and other blemishes.

Swayed by tales of its awesomeness, I saw a Facebook retailer selling this in the shade 02 Cool Medium, and purchased it without a second thought.

Should I have thought twice? Perhaps. (Then again, I should’ve thought twice about many other decisions in life. Sigh. Anyway.)

collection lasting perfection concealer review and swatches

You Ought To Know

02 Cool Medium is a very, very cool toned shade. If you have neutral to warm undertones, this shade has pink in it which will make you look ashy/tan/orange. In retrospect, I should have bought 03 Warm Medium, because as a blemish concealer, this makes me look ashy and orange if I apply too much of it. (The Facebook retailer didn’t have any other shades.)

However, as a dark circle concealer, this manages to work very well on my very dark dark circles, perhaps due to the pink/salmon undertones. Thank God for that.

The Good

  • This lives up to its legendary status, IMO. On the crappier days when I have puffy eyes and a heavy heart, this banishes my dark circles and makes me look bright-eyed (and bushy tailed), so much so that I even feel that way, just a bit. Just a tiny bit.
  • It sets down to a demi-matte but bright finish; a natural finish, basically.
  • I haven’t tested the “up to 16 hour wear” claim boasted by the packaging, but this stuff lasted around 8 hours and withstood being splashed repeatedly by water. Good enough for me.
  • As a blemish concealer, the only reason it looks a bit off is due to the shade. Other than that, it concealed a particularly nasty pimple on my face today, and after setting it with some yellow powder, I was much happier with life.
  • It doesn’t really crease on me, despite being a very thick formula. Nonetheless, concealer is best set with powder, I feel.
  • Even though this shade is too cool for me – literally – I tried using it as an under eye brightener, and it worked. Had it been the right shade, it would’ve worked even better!
  • It works as an eye-shadow primer when worn on the lid, which is how I wear it, because my lids are dark, too. Yes, I have that whole raccoon thing going on.
  • I forgot the amount you get, because I’ve had this for a while now, but I remember thinking it is generous for the price paid.

The Bad

  • This is thick and goopy, and if worn on the lids, it weighs mine down a bit, in all honesty.
  • Crap packaging. The lettering and info rubs off the packaging very rapidly.
  • Not easily available in most places.


I apply mine with the doe-foot applicator and blend it in with my fingers. That works well, though I’d like to use it with a Beauty Blender next time.

You can see in the swatch below how it doesn’t match my skin tone at all.

Do I recommend it?

If you can find the right shade for you, this is well worth the small price you pay for it, I believe.


Online on Boots for £3.99, and at Boots outlets.

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