Medora Lipsticks Review & Swatches


About Medora Of London

If you’re from Pakistan, or you have parents/grandparents from the country, then you’ll know that Medora is a local brand which has been around since the dawn of time itself. Or, at least, since 1961.

Unlike most local Pakistani brands, Medora actually has a website which gives a decent amount of detail about the company:

Medora of London (Pvt) Ltd. was established in 1961 and is today one of the leading cosmetic companies in Pakistan . It is committed to its objective of providing high quality products at affordable price.

With brands “Medora”, “Delycia” and “Diplomat” being one of the best sellers in their respective categories, Medora of London has become a household name today. The trust gained has been as a result of constant improvement in the products by our team of chemists who are continuously striving to meet the expectation of the consumers.

Having a network of more than 200 distributors, the company is able to serve its consumers all over Pakistan.

Their lipsticks (plus the rest of their range of products) have been around since ever, and I’ve grown up watching my mother, grandmother, and aunt wear them daily.

I’ll be honest; when I was a kid, the quality of Medora’s products was good, but nothing to rave about. However, recently the brand’s name has been popping up everywhere, so I decided to give their lipsticks a try, and OMG, I’m so glad I did.

(P.S. The products are placed on Face Forward by the wonderful Kevyn Aucoin. He was truly one of the greatest makeup artists ever, may he rest in peace. Not promoting his brand here, btw.)

The shades

I’ve purchased so many of these, for myself, as well as for others but here I’m reviewing 6 of my favorite shades. In their tubes, most of these colors look very similar to each other, but on the lips is where the magic happens.

Peach Silk is a gorgeous, gorgeous everyday neutral with the slightest of pink undertones. I’ve heard people compare this to MAC’s Velvet Teddy which I don’t have so I can’t corroborate the claim. This is a lovely shade, very MLBB and then some, and I love wearing it daily as it goes with just about everything.

Viva Glam is a neutral mauve-grey sort of shade, likely made as a dupe for a MAC lipstick (as is the case with most of Medora’s lipsticks). On its own, it looks a bit “dead” on me, though I think it would suit fair skin tones really well and make a smokey eye look complete. I usually use this shade as a base for other lipsticks if I think they’re too dark, and it works brilliantly for this purpose.

Flavour is a bright, almost Barbie pink, but not neon. It is more of a summer/daytime shade, again better suited to fairer skins (or if you’re as fab as Nicki Minaj, it’ll look bangin’ on you), and I use this also as a base for darker lip colors.

Cameo Pink is a muted coral-pink which also works best for summer/daytime/fairer skin tones, IMO. However, I love wearing this on its own as well as making it a base for darker shades. This one has a semi-matte finish, while the rest are matte.

Twig is a deep, warm brown-pink-taupe combo (honestly, I suck at describing shades), very Kylie Jenner, very autumny. I usually use Flavour, Cameo Pink, and Viva Glam as base shades for Twig and the result is a beautiful, soft-focus touch to the color.

Hint Of Pink is a beautiful shade, a (slightly dark) vintage pinkish mauve color which compliments most if not all looks.


So basically, Twig, Peach Silk, and Hint Of Pink are my main shades and Cameo Pink, Viva Glam, and Flavour as usually my complimentary ones.

Bonus: I got Coffee (a perfect rose brown) and Raspberry (a deep rich burgundy-ish shade) for my aunt, and those two are gorgeous on all skin tones IMO. I’m contemplating getting Coffee for myself.


The good

  • Ridiculously pigmented. Better than most high-end, well known brands I own. One swipe is enough for vibrant color.
  • These lipsticks have a way of “merging” with your own lip color for a beautiful, natural, soft focus effect. Each shade seems to blend into my lips and enhances the natural color of my lips.
  • Ridiculously long-lasting. These lipsticks survive tea, coffee, drinks, meals, kisses, splashes of water, and what not. Even if I don’t eat, they persevere on for hours without beginning to look crappy, and only after 5-6 hours do they begin to show that weird concentration of color on the inner corners of the lower lip that most lip colors do. The only way they come off is if I rub my lips hard with my fingers/the back of my hand/a makeup wipe. I usually apply Vaseline to my lips and wipe it of with a tissue to remove these shades.
  • Very creamy and easily applicable, do not tug at the lips, though if the lips are really dry, you will have a problem applying these.
  • They are great for mixing with one another, as well as other lip colors (such as those from Colourpop), to make custom shades.
  • I’ve dropped these countless times now, because I’m a klutz, and they have yet to break.
  • Available just about everywhere in Pakistan.
  • Ridiculously cheap. Value for money at its finest. They cost PKR 110 each, approximately $1.10.

The bad

  • Weird tacky scent to these. Its like plastic mixed with perfume. It doesn’t bother me now, but it did when I first started using them. The other women in my family (and my husband) weren’t really bothered by it. It fades with time.
  • Best to moisturize lips before use, or dry patches will be difficult to work with.
  • Some of them are “deformed” and come with dents in the lip color itself (as you can see above on Twig), but its a very minor bad IMO.
  • Packaging is a bit cheap in terms of looks and to the touch.
  • Not easily available globally.


I line my lips (pre-moisturised with Vaseline) with the edge of the tube and fill them in with the color.

Click to enlarge the images in this post, and scroll over to read shade names.

To the left (top to bottom), there’s Cameo Pink, Flavour, Hint Of Pink. To the right (top to bottom) there is Viva Glam, Peach Silk, Twig.

Do I recommend these?

You bet. I would give Medora’s lipsticks an 8.5/10 (or an 8/10 if I was being harsh, and a 9/10 if I was being really nice).

I seriously like these more than a lot of other, relatively expensive lipsticks I own (I’m lookin’ at you, Ofra), and I’ll definitely buy more to keep in my handbag in the future. I mean, in about $10, I can buy 9 of these babies. Win all the way!


I got these from (site is currently down for maintenance), and if you live in Pakistan, you can find these at just about every local cosmetics retailer. For UK residents, these are available on Ebay, though for a slightly higher price. You can also look for Medora’s lipsticks with Instagram-based retailers.


In Other News

I really need to catch up on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. (Yes. I watch that. It is my guilty pleasure.) That is all.


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