I Love: Eye Loves

I adore eye makeup. Having big eyes, I love experimenting with different types of eye makeup and techniques.

Below (in no specific order) are some of my all-time favorite eye makeup products. (Most of these are pretty affordable, btw.)



Illamasqua Vintage Metallix in Courtier

Review here.



Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

UD’s Naked palettes are raved about everywhere, and Naked 2 is no exception. To me, it contains the perfect mix of practical as well as fun eye shadows, all pigmented AF, and long wearing (with and without a primer).

The brush that comes with this palette is also easy to use if you have no other eye shadow brush on hand. All in all, to me, this palette is ~flawless~.

$54 on Urban Decay. Pricey, I know, but a great investment IMO.



Rimmel Exaggerate Auto Waterproof Eye Definer (In The Nude)

This gem is my little eye trick. Most people use a nude liner on their waterline for a fresh look, and if you do that, this is an amazing product for you to add to your nude liner collection.

I, however, like to line the edge of the inner third of my lower lid with this liner and blend it out with the sponge on the other end. It has a miracle effect; my eye bags (when I have them) and dark circles look instantly diminished. It makes my under-eyes evidently brighter IRL and in pictures.

Sorry for the crap swatch; though I’ll tell you its very creamy and pigmented. Still, if you have dry skin, best to moisturize if you want to apply it how I do. I have very sensitive eyes and this gives me no trouble at all, the way I apply it. My current stick has lasted me a year now, and is still going strong.

Click here for more info. Retails on Amazon for $9.99.


MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre

I apologize in advance for the grotesque nature of my Paint Pot, but there’s an explanation for it that I’ll come to.

This is *the* best primer of all time. All time. Hands down. On its own, it evens out my eyelids like a boss. Heck, it even doubles as under-eye concealer for times when I’m in a hurry or feeling adventurous.

As a shadow primer, this stuff makes my eye shadows last for ages. 

The reason mine looks gross is that these Paint Pots tend to dry out over time, and the trick with them is to stick the back of a spoon or something similar in there, and stir the product. It’ll work perfectly well again, though it won’t look as good as it used to.

If you have dry skin, I recommend using a moisturizer under this product. If you have a pink undertone, Painterly is another much-loved option from this range. Check it out here on MAC. ($22)



Milani Shadow Eyez 12 HR Wear Eyeshadow Pencil (Almond Cream, Cafe Au Lait)

These are cream shadows in stick form which have to be sharpened. I use Almond Cream as a browbone highlight, or for the same purpose as I use the Rimmel Exaggerate liner above.

If you have oily skin or well-moisturized skin, Almond Cream can be quickly blended out over the lid to be used as a primer. On my dry skin, it is very tough to blend, mostly. Also, it’s a bit light for my  complexion (NC25/30). However, it is very opaque if you consider purchasing it.

Cafe Au Lait is a lovely brown shade, very creamy and pigmented. It makes a perfect base for smokey eye looks, and looks great on its own as well.

I purchased Black Ink too, which is blacker than Voldemort’s soul, and it makes a wonderful cream shadow/primer/liner, just as Cafe Au Lait does. My mom used it and loved it, so I gave it to her.

These are available in so many drool-worthy colors, for $7.49, on Milani.




Diana Of London Super Fine Intense Rich Black Liner

I think I’m on my 6th or 7th Super Fine Liner pen now. I’ve been using this liquid-liner-in-pen-form for years. Years. It is waterproof, smudge-proof, hella black, can be used to make a thick or thin line based on preference, and lasts for a year even with daily use.

I love this product and will purchase it for as long as I live. This is my go-to eyeliner. And I’m a liner fiend, btw. I wore this every day in university and people would ask me how I got my liner so perfect. The answer, my friends, is some know-how + this little baby here.

It retails for ~PKR 930 (approximately $9.30) in Al-Fatah, Lahore, and is available in the Middle East too. Check it out online on Diana Of London’s site.



Aqua Germany Soft & Long Lasting Kajal Pencil

I bought this from a tiny local cosmetics retailer for a very low price and my sensitive waterline is thankful for it. This was over a year ago, and I wish I could tell you Aqua Germany is an easily available brand but I’ve Googled it relentlessly and it is nowhere to be found online.

So if you live in Pakistan and thirst after affordable, pigmented kajal pencils, and manage to locate this one in your quest, I suggest you try it out.

I love this simply because it does exactly what a good kajal/kohl is supposed to do: make the wearer (believe they) look like a sultry smokey-eyed Arabian belly dancer.

That is all.



Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara & Get Big Lashes Mascara (both waterproof)

I’ve had the Get Big Lashes one for about 5 months now, and I curl my lashes to high heaven and apply two coats of this so people can marvel at how long and full my lashes are.

I am happy to report that the I Love Extreme Volume mascara I purchased a while ago has the same effect, except better. What makes it superior to the aforementioned one is that Get Big Lashes takes at least a day, multiple makeup wipes, and a few prayers to come off. Honestly, it sticks to the lashes like there is no tomorrow.

I Love Extreme Volume doesn’t have that issue, thankfully, and manages to come off with relative ease.

Moreover, if I exceed 3-4 coats with either mascara, each flakes a bit. Like tiny specks of mascara sometimes tend to dry up and fall off my lashes. But that happens only when I go overboard.

That said, I love both of these. They’re very opaque and give huge amounts of volume as well as length. Also, they can both withstand water, time, and tears. Yay!

(Links for more info given above.)



Ardell Natural Lashes in 110 Black

I’m not a falsie girl. I’m more of a lash curler + copious amounts of mascara girl. So I purchased this and another pair of Ardell lashes out of curiosity and a determination to face my fears related to false eyelash application.

My fears were conquered (yay!) with this very my-lashes-but-better pair of falsies. I love these, they look so natural yet so full and align perfectly with my own lashes. These are very lightweight, easy to apply and wear. They’ve seen only one use to date, but I think they’re certainly good for a few more applications.

Check them out here on Ardell.


In Other News

I am totally addicted to Hymn For The Weekend Ft. Beyoncé by Coldplay, and to Formation by ‘Yoncé herself. Lovvve Bey‘s moves in the music video for Formation.

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  1. I love this list! I’ve personally always used a nude eyeliner right along the first half of my inner lashline rather than my waterline, too. Using it on the waterline always makes my eyes look even more tired!

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