Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect In Soft Nude

Says Essence:

matt = a must! if you love this lip trend, the velvety-matt, long-lasting lipglosses are ideal for you! the light, mousse-like texture lasts on your lips for several hours without drying them out. particularly easy to apply thanks to the flat applicator.

This is available in 4 shades and I purchased 06 Soft Nude for PKR430. (Approximately $4.30)

essence xxxl lip gloss the matt in soft nude

Essence is a great drugstore brand, IMO. Let’s look into this particular offering by them.

The yay

  • Pretty nude shade which is very MLBB on my lips (I’m an NC25/30 for reference). I read another review somewhere comparing this shade to MAC Velvet Teddy. I don’t own the MAC one, so can’t corroborate that claim.
  • Hydrating, creamy formula.
  • This is the first “matte lip gloss” I’ve purchased which is just that. It doesn’t fully dry on the lips, has a slight sheen to it (which makes my lips look fuller), and lasts for a lower amount of time than other matte liquid lip colors.
  • Pigmentation is good. Not great, but pretty good. True to the “matte lip gloss” claim. Like the color definitely shows up on the lips, though application can be a bit streaky.
  • Soft applicator and cute packaging.
  • Pleasant light vanilla scent which isn’t overpowering.
  • Price is good for the quality/quantity. You get 4.5 ml for approximately $4.30 (based on the PKR to USD exchange rate).
  • Good for smokey eye looks or natural makeup.
  • Lasts for up to 4-5 hours before fading slightly on the inside of the lips. Fades evenly when I eat or drink with this on.

The meh

  • Doesn’t last long.
  • Application is a bit streaky and you’ll have to go over your lips a couple of times at least to make the shade properly opaque.
  • It has a weird sugary taste to it which remains on the lips after I take the product off.
  • Has a strange feel on the lips; like it just sits there and seems to evaporate. It doesn’t actually evaporate, btw, just seems that way. Like the color is disintegrating. Idk how to explain it better, lol. The color actually stays on the lips but feels like it is slowly leaving. Bizarre, I know.
  • Limited shade range.


I line my lips with the edge of the applicator and fill them in with the product.

essence xxxl lip gloss soft nude

Do I recommend this product?

It would get a 7/10 if I rated it, at best. That said, If you have light to medium skin or are tan or olive skinned, or you prefer your eyes to be the focus of your look, you can pair this with lip liner for a pretty nude-pink lip.

Also if you want a matte-ish lip color, this is a good option.

I like this product, and I wear it a lot since I bought it a while ago. Not sure about a repurchase, though.


I got it for PKR 430 from Al-Fatah, Lahore. Available at Essence stands worldwide.

~ ♥ ~

In Other News

I’ve been watching Parks And Recreation lately (I know, I’m pretty late), and OMG, how cute is Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer?! Love the show, such a sweet and feel-good vibe to it.

Also, I’m limiting my makeup purchases since they’ve been getting out of hand lately, and I hate it. 😦 I WANT MOAR.

Also I’m looking for a really good, scary horror movie to watch. If you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments below please!

~ ♥ ~

14 thoughts on “Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Matt Effect In Soft Nude

  1. lipstickonthelake says:

    I loooove Parks and Rec! Ron Swanson kills me. I feel like I relate so much to that show, haha!

    I feel your pain about limiting makeup purchases… I’m in the middle of a home renovation but all I want is new lipsticks! The struggle is real!

    Liked by 1 person

    • M says:

      Lol, Ron is awesome! I know right? Such relatable characters.
      Awww. That must feel like the longest wait. 😦 I really hope you get yourself a renovated house and new lipsticks soon! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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