Wow By Wojooh Mini Haul

Middle-East based beauty retailer Wojooh (formerly known as Faces) recently came up with its own exclusive brand of makeup called Wow By Wojooh (click for more info) and a relative who recently went to Dubai brought back some items (which I requested) for me.


I got:

Lipstuck Extreme Wear Lip Lacquer in Oud Rose 

Lipstuck is an extreme lip lacquer formulated to have its array of intense matte colors last and last. The smooth texture is enriched with natural micas. Water resistant and non-transferable, it holds on tight, so don’t you worry about leaving a trace behind!
Paraben & allergen free. Dermatologically tested.

Liquid Gems Face Illuminator in Gold Mirage

The Product
Any of Liquid Gem’s 3 pearlescent shades of gold, amber or pink will add a glamorous glow to your face and body. The innovative spatula applicator allows you to take the right amount you’d need for either a thin light sheen or for an intense pearlized effect. You’ll be brilliantly outstanding either way.
Dermatologically Tested.

The Result
With its immediate color payoff and long-lasting formula it’s perfect for a soft day glow and likewise for an evening shine – you can even build up for a more luminous finish. Infused with sugar beet extract, Liquid Gems also hydrates the skin to keep it looking healthy.

The Wow Factor
A pleasantly fresh feel and an absolutely luminous effect.

Lé haul:

Lipstuck in Oud Rose (6.5 ml for AED85)

Lipstuck is available in around 14 shades on the site and Oud Rose is a vibrant bubble gum rose pink which shows up as neon on my NC25-30 skin tone. I use a deeper color such as Heart Breaker by Rimmel as a base for the shade and it looks just right, a lovely muted rose-toned pink. On its own, I think the shade would be better suited to lighter skin tones.

I like the variety of shades and the fact that this is hydrating. The applicator is soft and easy to use. The price compared to a lot of other items sold at Wojooh, and compared to other similar products is reasonable IMO.

I don’t like the neon-ness of this particular shade and I wish I’d asked for Henna Stain instead. This product doesn’t set fully, it didn’t survive a kiss test so best to wear a liner or another long-wearing lip color under it. Also, it really accentuates fine lip lines.

This is lightly scented; it is a fresh scent which I can’t quite place.

If I were to give this product an overall rating, it would be a 7/10. If I got a shade that would likely suit me more, such as Henna Stain, the rating would go up to an 8/10.

Liquid Gems in Gold Mirage (14 ml for AED90)

Gold Mirage is a lovely gold toned liquid highlighter. This is a vivid gold, not a pale one, though when blended out, the gold sheen becomes more subtle.

It can be built up, and is not for people for who prefer a barely-there glow. If you apply this with your fingers, all you’ll get is a sparkle explosion on your face. However, applied with a flat foundation brush, this blends beautifully and quickly into the skin for a strobe-like radiant effect. When applied this way, no shimmer is visible, except only in the harshest of lighting.

A little goes a long way with this one, as the swatch shows. It is a strong, noticeable highlight which remained on my face for 6 hours without fading or budging. Seriously, this highlighter stayed in place. No stray shimmer anywhere. For the price, I think it is a great product.

This highlighter sets very quickly so I suggest that blending should be swift and with stippling movements to set it into the skin. Also I don’t like the spatula applicator. Though it is good for dotting the product along the cheekbones before blending, it makes a mess around the nozzle of the bottle.

This would get a 9/10 were I to rate it.

In conclusion

Overall, I am highly impressed with the quality of these products and will certainly look into purchasing more items from this brand.

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