Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip In Bumble and Solow

October has been insanely busy. My apologies for being MIA for almost two weeks! I’ll be busy from now on, so I’ll try to keep my reviews concise and precise. (Though, knowing me, I don’t think the rambling can be stopped for long.)

I bring to you Colourpop’s Ultra Matte Lip lip colors in shades Solow and Bumble.


Bumble, Solow

Bumble, Solow

Bumble, Solow

Bumble, Solow

Bumble, Solow

Bumble, Solow


Colourpop describes the shades as follows (click on name to go through link):

Solow: Put a little YOLO in your solow in this neutral nude pink

Bumble: Everyone will bee buzzing when you wear this dusty warm terracotta

I have tan/olive/yellow NC25-NC30 skin. Solow, on me, is too cool toned. I have to warm it up with a nude, peachy shade before it starts looking decent. If you are anything beyond an NC30 and have warm undertones, I doubt this shade will work for you. (If it does, more power to you!)

Bumble, IMO, is a lovely fall/winter shade and will suit all skin tones, light, medium, or deep.

I like

  • The formula and how opaque and matte it is
  • The staying power – easily lasts around 6 hours on me, but settles into lip lines. Fades only slightly from the center of my lips after a heavy meal.
  • The price tag – $6 for this formula is quite reasonable
  • The insane shade range – there are pinks, nudes, reds, and even a purple and a green shade!

I dislike

  • The bottle/tube design – the packaging sucks. The formula is very runny and settles around the “mouth” of the tube. It has to be kept upright constantly to avoid that.
  • How Solow doesn’t suit me. 😦
  • Application is a bit streaky as the formula is runny


I use the doe foot applicator to line my lips and fill them in with the product.

colourpop bumble and solow

Do I recommend this?

Yes. Lots of shades, inexpensive, great for those who love opaque, matte lip colors.


Shop the range at

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