MUA Blush Buki Brush – A Contouring Essential

MUA blush buki brush

Says Makeup Academy (MUA) about the F10 Blush Buki Brush:

This firm, tapered brush head allows for precise application across the face.

blush buki brush

mua blush buki brush f10

mua bluh buki brush bristles

The Deal

The Blush Buki Brush (F10) is essentially a kabuki brush for blush application. It has a rounded, stubby head which is slightly dome shaped. The brush is densely packed with soft bristles and is very sturdy in the hand. It is supposed to allow for heavy and concentrated application of makeup while making blending easy with the taperedΒ head.

How I Use This Product

Honestly, I didn’t buy this for applying blush. I have a Kryolan slanted shadingΒ brush that I use for that. Don’t get me wrong, you can smile and easily apply blush to the apples of your cheeks with this brush. A light hand would be best, if you do that, as it really packs up the product in the thick bristles.You can of course build up coverage.

I, however, use this for when I wish to contour my face. I have a yellow toned concealer by Art Deco (review coming soon, hopefully) that I apply under my eyes, in the center of my forehead, and on my chin. I apply it liberally and blend it all out with this brush. It evens out the product perfectly, IMO, and gives a smooth finish on top of which I apply loose powder.

I’ve made this diagram to give you an idea of what I was talking about just now, hope it helps. πŸ˜›

The yellow areas are where I apply the concealer to highlight, and then blend out with the MUA Blush Buki Brush.

The yellow areas are where I apply the concealer to highlight, and then blend out with the MUA Blush Buki Brush.

The Good

All in all, this brush is great for precise product application and for times when you want to blend out a heavily applied product. The concentrated, dense bristles make it a very versatile product and it can be used to apply blush, liquid and cream foundation, cream contour and highlight shades, and even powder.

The design feels great to the touch, it is firm when held in the hand, and looks like a high quality product.

Also, this is a very inexpensive product and worth the money if you know what you want to do with it.

The Bad

It may not be ideal for blush application, which btw, is the purpose for which it was intended. I say that because unless you are careful, you can easily end up with heavy and streaky 80s style blush using this brush.

Do I recommend this product?

Yes, if you want an inexpensive but good quality kabuki-style brush for precise application and smooth, even blending.


This is available online at MUA and from all official MUA retailers, online and in-store. If you live in Pakistan, the MUA site will redirect you to, which is an official MUA retailer.


Not a paid review.


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