Illamasqua Vintage Metallix In Courtier



The Story

So I really wanted a nude cream shadow base, and after a bit of Googling, decided to get this one from the Illamasqua outlet in Dubai Mall. The end. (Side note: How great are Illamasqua?! I hope they open up an outlet in every city of every country in the world. *sigh*)

Illamasqua states:


Vintage Metallix eyeshadow in Courtier provides a metallic cream-gel texture that provides long wear and comfort. Smudge resistant and long lasting formula. Apply with your fingers or an Illamasqua brush

NET WT. 5ml e 0.18 FL OZ
price per 10g Β£23.00





The Good

Courtier is a beautiful nude shade with chunky shimmer in it. However, the shimmer isn’t something that would cause a problem if you have sensitive eyes. Worn on its own, it gives a classy, yet fun touch to your look.

This is a wonderfully creamy shade, and application is a dream. I haven’t experienced any creasing or fallout of shimmer whenever I’ve used Courtier.

It is great as a base shade for powder eye shadows. I regularly use this under my UD Naked 2 palette when I want a break from matte eye lids.

On its own, it lasts for around 5 hours on me before the color starts to fade a bit. This has been in warm weather. As a base for powder eye shadows, it easily lasts, and makes the powder shadow last for up to 6 hours on me. (I washed it off after 6 hours; my eye makeup still looked fresh when I did that.)

5 g is a lot of product, even though this is a pricey item.

The packaging itself is gorgeous. I love my little pot of cream shadow.

The Vintage Metallix range is available in two more shades, besides this one.

The Bad

The worst thing about Courtier would have to be its price. It is expensive, for sure.

The lasting power (of the cream shadow alone) can also be a no-no if you want to wear this for long hours, for instance to work.

Also, if you don’t like glitter or shimmer in your cream shadows, this may not be for you.


I use my fingers to apply this, though you can use a flat eye shadow brush for more precise application. If you want more swatches, check out Illamasqua’s site (links given above and below). I believe the swatches on the site reflect the actual product quite accurately.

Click and zoom into the pictures below for a better look at the product.


illamasqua courtier swatch

Do I recommend this product?

If you have the money, and are looking for a good quality nude cream shadow, and you don’t mind visible shimmer in your product, I’d say this would be a nice addition to your makeup collection.

If the above scenario isn’t really your cup of tea, there’s lots of inexpensive cream shadows available on the market these days for you to pick from.

I love this little pot; it’s great to use and to look at, though I’m not sure about a repurchase given how pricey it is.


Available at Illamasqua outlets, and online. There’s two more shades besides Courtier available for you to pick from.


Wishing all my Muslim followers a happy and blessed Eid-al -Adha. Eid Mubarak to you all!


Disclaimer: Not a paid review.


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