Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Body Gloss

While I was unable to find a description of this product on Palmer’s official site, I did manage to get this description off Amazon:

About the Product

  • Cocoa Butter, enriched with Vitamin E, in a Soothing Emollient Base.
  • Helps Smooth and Blend Unattractive Marks and Scars.
  • Can be Used Daily for a Soft, Youthful Appearance.
  • Ideal for Deep Moisturization, including Overnight Treatments.

palmers body gloss

Directions for use in the picture below:

palmers body gloss back

palmers body gloss open

The Deal

This Body Gloss contains Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E, and claims to moisturize your skin while illuminating it. According to the instructions, it can be applied all over the body wherever you want to enrich your skin with a deep, radiant glow.

You get 125 g/4.4 oz of product for the price you pay.

The Yay

Such pretty shimmerrr! I love the subtle glow it gives my skin.

Honestly this Body Gloss does what it says. It moisturizes my skin and the shimmer is just divine. Perfect for a night out when you want to add something fun to your whole look.

The smell is divine. Honestly I could smell myself all day while wearing this.

The tube design is convenient and it’s not one of those tubes from which the product leaks out each time you open it.

The Meh

The shimmer is visible. Tiny, yes, but visible. I don’t mind. Ain’t like it’s going on my face. It looks sexy on the body. Moving on.

Shimmer gets on the hands, yo. And, it transfers to clothes, just a bit. Not an overload, by any means, you will not look like a disco ball. But let’s say you’re wearing all black, and you want to apply this. Don’t go overboard; you only need a tiny amount, and let it dry so if any shimmer does transfer, it is minimal.


Just squeeze out a tiny amount, depending on where you’re using it, and massage onto skin like you would with a lotion.

Click on the images and enlarge if you wish to see a close-up of the shimmer.

pamlers body gloss swatched

palmers body gloss blended 1

Do I recommend this?

It’s not expensive, it will last you a while, it’s moisturizing, and its fun to wear. I feel happy wearing this. It looks pretty and smells good. This is by no means an earth-shatteringly fantastic skincare product. But if you’re looking for a good, relatively inexpensive body shimmer, this is a great option.


I purchased mine viaΒ Available on


DISCLAIMER: Not a paid review or promotion of the product. I purchased this myself and my thoughts are my own honest opinion of it.

“Make Up” by Michelle Phan used as the background on which to display the product.


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