Acne HG/My Savior: Boots Skin Clear Ultra Rapid Action Spot Gel

Boots Skin Clear Ultra Rapid Action Spot Gel is a 25 ml tube of clear gel for pimples or acne, describes by Boots as follows:

Product description

Boots Skin Clear Ultra Rapid Action Spot Gel is a unique, clear formulation with ingredients scientifically proven to give visible results.

Created by Boots skincare experts this clinically proven formula visibly reduces the size of spots in 2 hours and redness in 4 hours. It starts working immediately upon application.

Contains spot fighting ingredients to target the bacteria deep in pores without over-drying the skin.

Use as part of your Boots Skin Clear Ultra regime or as required.

Boots skin clear rapid action spot gel





A little bit of backstory

Since February of this year, I’ve had an acne/pimple breakout caused by God-knows-what. I’m thinking it’s hormonal. It was the bane of my life, and made me highly stressed and insecure about how I looked. My pimples stayed for weeks and left ugly brown splotches in their wake. It took around two months for each mark to fade slightly.

Around July, the breakout kind of died down but I still had this gross pimple on my cheek that was bugging me. So I was in Dubai and had a Boots pharmacy right next to my hotel, which I decided to check out. It was there that I spotted this product. Not thinking much of it, I dumped it into my basket, bought some more stuff, paid for it all, and left.

And then, a few days later, I used it. I was a changed woman. 

See, this gel claims to reduce the size of your spot in just 2 hours. Let me tell you this: It does not lie.

The Good

For the first time in my life, I have used a pimple cream which actually does what it claims to do. My spot, which was the size of Jupiter, shrank to the size of Pluto within two hours. If you know what I mean. If you don’t, I’m trying to say that my swollen spot shrank in size visibly and immediately after two hours of applying this gel onto it.

Continuous use of this gel has left a very small bump where the pimple used to be, though it is still pigmented, but considerably less as compared to the pimples that happened pre-Boots Skin Clear gel.

So my point, basically, is that this gel truly works to reduce the size of your pimples and it works fast. It usually took 2-3 months for my pimples to reach the tiny size they were after using this gel for just a week.

The Bad

Don’t over-use this. Try to keep application to twice or thrice a day, because it causes dryness of the skin when used in excess.


Boots says

Apply directly to the affected area. Continue use until clear.

I apply the tiniest amount of this directly onto my pimples and dab it on till it is partially absorbed. It is absolutely clear so there’s no visible tint. It fully absorbs on its own after a few minutes, leaving a small, shiny cast on my pimple. But that’s not too noticeable or something people would point out.

Do I recommend this product?

You bet. If you suffer from acne or regular breakouts or even the occasional hormone-induced pimple, try this. It might work for you.


I purchased mine from a Boots pharmacy in Dubai. It is available online for £3.00, and possibly at any Boots pharmacies near you.


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