LUSH Light Yellow Colour Supplement

LUSH Light Yellow Colour Supplement is described on the website as:

For warm, medium skin tones

Light Yellow is ideal for those with medium warm skin tones, or as a winter makeup for olive skins that haven’t seen the sun in a while. If you have tones of light brown to yellow and tend to tan easily, then Light Yellow will look most natural on you. Another way to tell if you have warm tones is to hold gold and silver jewelry up to your face. Which one compliments you more? Gold often suits warmer tones better than silver.

lush light yellow color supplement



LUSH Light Yellow Colour Supplement ingredients

LUSH Light Yellow Colour Supplement - how to use

LUSH Light Yellow Colour Supplement – how to use

This colour supplement is essentially a base or primer, housed in a 20 g jar. It is made with fresh ingredients and is vegan. It is meant for people with yellow/olive/tanned undertones to their skin.

The Good

I love this product. It is fantastic on its own or as a primer. Honestly, on most days, with this on my face I don’t feel like I need any other forms of cover. This product, with a light dusting of translucent loose powder, is often enough.

It gives a semi-matte coverage which gets dewy/oily (based on whether you have dry or oily skin) with time.

The shade has yellow-olive undertones and suits my skin tone incredibly well. It evens out my skin tone and brightens it visibly.

It covers most of my blemishes quite well and lasts for around 5-6 hours on me before getting oily and requiring a touch-up.

On LUSH’s website a lot of people have mentioned that this product is good for light coverage, but I have a few visible blemishes on my cheeks and this does well to cover them up. So IMO this is more of a light-medium coverage product. Because of this, it is also really good for daily wear.

It goes on very smoothly and can be blended using finger tips or a foundation/flat-top kabuki brush.

The Bad

This stuff is oily. Like I, personally, had to wait for about 5 minutes before it dried on my face. So if you’re in a rush, it’ll be tricky using this product. You need to give it time to fully dry.

[Update on 19-July-2015]: This requires a touch up on me after around 5 hours due to the oiliness. This is the case in humid, summertime weather.

Also, you need to thoroughlyΒ blend this, or it will settle into fine lines because it is thick and creamy.

Another thing is that it comes in a jar, which turned upside down on my flight back from Dubai and so the product spilled into the cap of the jar. So I had to set the jar down and wait a while till the product slidΒ off the cap. So basically what I’m saying is, do not turn the jar upside down! You will be sorry if you do.


LUSH recommends blending it with your face moisturizer to create an ideal tint, but I skip that because it suits my skin tone well.

I use my fingers to blend a small amount of this into my face, when in a hurry, though I find that a flat-top kabuki brush gives more precise and controlled results.



lush colour supplement swatch

lush colour supplement swatch 2 blended

Do I recommend this product?

To anyone looking for a good base which evens out skin tone and provides light-medium coverage, go for it. If you don’t like wearing heavy makeup on your face, this is a good product to have on days when you want some coverage. If you’re always in a hurry and want something that suits your routine, skip this, I’d say.

[Update on 19-July-2015]: If you live in a warm or humid climate then you may want to skip this product for use in summer. It would make a good base for dry, cold, winter weather IMO.

I love this product and will likely buy it again.


I got mine from LUSH, Dubai Mall but I don’t remember the price. I’m terrible with remembering prices because I prefer to forget the amount of money I blow on makeup. (Which is a lot, btw.)

It is available online for $16.95.


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