Highlighter Love: MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl

MAC Cream Colour Base (CCB) is described by MAC as:

A creamy formula that imparts colour and a sheer, dewy finish with various effects.

This is available in 18 shades and the one I will review today is a gorgeous pale gold with icy shimmer called Pearl.


mac pearl back mac pearl case

mac pearl opened mac pearl close up

You get 3.2 g of product for the price you pay.

The Good

Where do I start?! I’ll be honest with you: if you want only one highlighter in your stash, let this be it. Pearl is a beautiful, subtle highlighter that gives you that gorgeous lit-from-within glow if applied lightly and can be layered and blended to up the dewy factor.

The shade will likely suit all skin-tones as it has a yellow/gold base as opposed to a pink one.

Also it is a great highlight for brides to wear on their wedding day as it appears so natural yet so ethereal.

The staying power is also great; I attended a summer wedding wearing this and the glow lasted for around 5 hours on me till the time I came home and washed my face.

The Bad

I’ll tell you this: there is verrry slight visible shimmer. It can be seen in daylight or in really harsh artificial lighting. But I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. I despise shimmer/glitter in my highlighters and I’d never have bought this highlighter if I thought it was too OTT.

In really hot weather, the oils in the highlighter start coming out which can be a problem. Also, in really cold weather, it sort of hardens and becomes difficult to apply.

The price, I would say, might put some people off. I had heard so many rave reviews about this product that the price just didn’t matter to me any more when I purchased it.

Also, I apply this with my fingers and there are hygiene issues which come with that.


I use my fingers to blend this into my cheekbones using light, dabbing motions. I also use it on my brow bone, cupid’s bow, down the bridge of my nose; really just anywhere on my face where I want to see a lovely glow.

MAC CCB in Pearl, unblended
MAC CCB in Pearl, unblended
MAC CCB in Pearl, blended
MAC CCB in Pearl, blended – See how beautifully it catches the light?
MAC CCB in Pearl, blended, natural light
MAC CCB in Pearl, blended, natural light

Do I recommend this product?

Yes! Like I said, if you want only one non-powder highlighter or even only just one highlighter (powder or not) in your stash, this is a great candidate.

If you’re a bride doing your own makeup or if you are an artist doing someone’s makeup, this is a really good option for giving a lovely, candlelit glow to the face.

If you want a dewy look with little shimmer, get this!

I absolutely love this product and will purchase it again for sure.


I bought mine from Dubai long enough ago to have forgotten the price. It is available at MAC outlets and online for $21.


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