Nabila NO Makeup Palette: Review, Photos, & Swatches

Nabila’s NO Makeup Palette features a concealer, blender, blush, lip stain, and powder all in one handy compact to give you a no-makeup, my-face-but-better look.

Nabila’s website claims:


Nabila No Makeup Palette

There are five palettes suited to various skin tones within the NO Makeup range. The shade I will review is the second lightest in the range, Nlight.

First Impressions

The palette comes boxed in grey packaging. The top flap, which is glued to a side of the box, needs to be lifted to access the palette.

Along with the palette, there is a tiny instruction manual which tells you how to use each item contained within the compact.

The palette feels very sturdy and sleek, of good quality.

There is a small applicator that comes inside the palette, for applying the powder.

Nabila NO Makeup Palette

Nabila NO Makeup Palette




Nabila NO Makeup Palette


Nabila NO Makeup Palette




Now let’s come to the details.

The Good

Starting with aesthetics, the palette looks and feels like it is a high-quality product. It is the perfect size and can be slipped into your handbag for use on the go.

Each of the five items housed within is highly pigmented.

The undertones of the concealer, blender, and powder are yellow and brown, which suit Pakistani and Asian skin tones as well as lighter skin tones. The concealer is a very dark shade, with orange undertones and does its job well. The blender, too, is good for under-eye circles and the two products together do a good job of brightening up my under-eye area.

The creme blush is a lovely, natural shade. I love the lip stain, or pout as the instructions call it. It is my favorite out of all five items contained within this palette. It comes off as a beautiful, very natural stain.

The powder is very light, soft, and does not look cakey. It is meant to be used with a light hand, for setting the product and for touch-ups. It is a very very light shade, perhaps meant to counter the relatively deeper shades of the concealer and blender. The powder works really well to finish the whole look. 

The Bad

I should’ve picked the lightest shade. I bought it online and wasn’t really sure about what shade would be best for me.

While the shades of the concealer and blender are a good enough match for my under-eye area, they are not suitable for any other dark spots or blemishes on my face. They come off as dark and do not blend in with my skin tone on any other parts of my face besides my under-eye area.

So now I am basically stuck with a concealer-blender combo that is too dark for anything except my under-eye circles.

I am an NC20 (MAC Pro Longwear concealer), for reference.

The applicator, too, does not have any proper storage place within the palette. Once you remove it from the packaging, you really have nowhere to put it inside the box. So you’ll have to carry a separate applicator with you.

The price is too steep. I think Rs.6500 (if you buy it from Nabila’s salon) and Rs.6900 (if you buy if from TCSconnect like I did) is too much. If this was priced somewhere around Rs.4000 I’d be okay with it. But IMO a Rs.6000-Rs.7000 price range is too expensive and not affordable for a lot of women. The price makes it appear as though the product is geared for upper-middle to upper-class women only.


I use my fingers to apply (in this order) the concealer, the blender on top, the blush on the apples of my cheeks, and then the stain on my lips. Then I use the applicator to set it all with the powder. If you want a clean, fresh no-makeup look, don’t skip on the powder. 

When I lifted the protective plastic, some of the product came off with it
When I lifted the protective plastic, some of the product came off with it
Nabila NO Makeup Palette


L-R: Concealer, Blender, Blush, Pout, Powder
L-R: Concealer, Blender, Blush, Pout, Powder
Do I recommend this product?

If you can afford it, and if you are able to decide the right shade for yourself, then yes. To do the latter, I suggest you purchase it from Nabila’s salon or any Scentsation outlet to be able to view all shades and select the best palette for your skin tone.

If you order it online, I suggest you keep in mind whether you want the concealer-blender combo just for your dark circles or for any other blemishes on your face as well. Give it some thought before you order this palette online; you do not want to be stuck with something you spent nearly Rs.7000 on and have no use for.

If you think the price is too steep, then I suggest you skip this product. You can easily purchase five separate products, which do the same job, in this price range. You will, however, not have the added benefit of having them all stored in the same convenient compact.

[Update on 18-July-2015]: Overall this palette does what it claims to do, and when all the products are used as intended, it truly gives you that my-face-but-better look. I’m satisfied with my purchase but again, the price puts me off a bit. I might still repurchase this, however. 


I ordered mine from tcsconnect for Rs.6900. While they charge more than Nabila outlets do for this palette, I was very impressed with their speedy delivery. I placed my order a while ago, on a Saturday. The estimated delivery time was given to me as Friday the following week, and I had the product in my hands as soon as Tuesday morning.

TCSConnect provides international shipping as well.

The NO Makeup Palette is available from Nabila salons for Rs.6500 and is also available at Scentsation outlets. Check out Nabila’s Facebook page for further details.


20 thoughts on “Nabila NO Makeup Palette: Review, Photos, & Swatches

    1. Kiran, have you sent me the photo on email? If so, please resend it as I do not have any pictures or emails from you. If your skin is light, then this shade (Nlight) will be good for you. It has a light setting powder which brings the rest of the face products together. If, however, you prefer your Concealer to be the same shade as your skin, or light, I suggest going up a shade.


  1. Hi i really want to order it and i m mac NC20 like u .. i ckecked the tcsconnect but they dont have angelic …:/ i live in usa i dont know what to do:/

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  2. I bought the same pallaet with the new packaging.. but hv the same problm… i look pale cz of the concealer n blender shade.. n it dznt blend well on my skin.. it gives a oily impact… mm m not satisfied n regretting as its too expensive.. bought it online … now m thinking to resale it through olx or if anyone of u wanna buy plz contact me through email.or via this blog


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