NOTD: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in “Hot Cocoa”

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro nail polish in shade #230, “Hot Cocoa”, is a gorgeous brownish-pink shade which, according to the bottle, lasts up to 10 days.

I couldn’t find any description on Rimmel’s site so it appears they may have withdrawn the line.

The Good

I love warm brown/pink nail colors so I find the shade gorgeous, though I believe it is more fit for cold weather, not warm. However I think this shade would work well with a tan.

The color is very opaque. One coat is enough for each nail, though in my picture below I am wearing two coats per nail.

The brush is broad which I think is a plus point, despite having small nails myself. I dislike tiny brushes, which I believe make even application a problem.

You get 13.3 ml. of product which is a lot.

The Bad

Two days after I applied it, I noticed the product had faded a bit at the tip of my nails. That could be corrected with a clear top coat applied on the color, which I skipped.

The shade may not appeal to all. Plus, like I mentioned, some people may not prefer such warm shades in the summer. Also, the broad brush could be a problem for some people who have trouble with application.

I found the price I purchased it at to be a bit steep relative to some other brands.

Like I mentioned, Rimmel may have withdrawn the Lasting Finish Pro line. There is now an I Love Lasting Finish line on the UK Rimmel site.


I purchased mine from for Rs.550.

It is available on


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