Palmer’s No Blade Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover

So here’s the deal:

I have facial hair. Most women do. It’s normal. It’s okay.

Now that we’ve established that, let’s come to this product I found in my quest to remove the aforementioned fuzz upon my visage. This is a description I found of the product, on Palmer’s Middle East:

Developed especially for the face, this Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E enriched facial hair remover, with built-in brush for easy application, leaves your face soft and smooth.

Palmer’s No Blade Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover

This a 2.7 oz. bottle of cream coloured goo-like substance that claims to remove unwanted facial hair in 4 minutes. (That’s important; we’ll come to that later.)

Now let me break this down for you.

The Good

It did what it said it would do. It removed my facial hair. Even the thick ones. I applied it to my jawline and chin only, btw. Plus the packaging is cute. It’s pink. How could I resist?

The Bad

This. Stuff. Burns. IT BURNS. IT STINGS. I’ll come to the application in a bit, but let me just tell you, that for at least an hour after I washed this goo off my face, I felt like I’d been leaning over a pit of hellfire. Good God, it was bad. It was really bad. The next day, I had two small burn marks on my jawline and chin.

So now I’ll come on to application, and this is where you need to pay attention if you wish to use this product and come out unscathed.

Application – Important!

Here’s what I did:

I used the brush thingy attached to the cap to apply an even coat of the product to my wet chin and jawline. I then checked the time and decided to sit out the four minutes it would take for the product to work its magic.

To my horror, SIX, not four, minutes had passed by the time I realised I needed to wash it off. To heck with the spatula, I thought. I rushed to the bathroom, turned on the cold water and rinsed my face repeatedly.

It was too late. The hair was gone, but the damage had been done. The searing pain set in seconds later.

When they say wash it off after four minutes, they are NOT LYING. Wash the darn thing off after four minutes, I implore you. If you purchase this product, it is imperative that you follow the directions that accompany it.

The proper application is as follows:

Wet the area where you want to apply the product; wet it well. Apply the product evenly with the brush, wait for four minutes, and then remove the product with the spatula or a washcloth. Then rinse your face thoroughly and pat it dry. Β 

The picture below shows the directions displayed on the packaging. Click to enlarge.




Palmer’s No Blade Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover, bottle and spatula

The focus is on the brush in this picture

In case you use it and manage to burn your face like I did

Apply Aloe Vera Gel on it. Constantly, in thick layers. When one layer dries, apply another. It helps soothe the pain and ensures that your skin won’t turn red and bumpy. Then wait a while, about half an hour to one hour or so, and then wipe the Aloe Gel off. After that, on the really painful bits, apply an ointment. I used Dermovate cream. It’s really good for all sorts of burn marks, but again, if you use it, follow the relevant instructions.

You can also do all this if you get burns via threading or hot wax, or any other way of hair removal.

Using this method, my burn marks healed in about two days.

Do I recommend this product?

Yes, if you are able to follow directions, unlike me. It does what it claims, and removes even the more stubborn bits of facial fuzz. If you have sensitive skin, please test the product somewhere on your body before putting it on your face. And if you use it, do not leave it on for longer than four minutes!


I got mine from Al Fatah, Lahore recently; don’t remember the price nowΒ unfortunately.

It is available online on Just4Girls.

For those who do not reside in Pakistan, it is also available on

10 thoughts on “Palmer’s No Blade Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover

  1. Mad Cherry says:

    Ooh, I’ve never tried to wax or remove my facial hair. I’m scared the hairs would grow out darker after I remove them.


  2. Nur hs ak says:

    I bought it just now. But i’m scared to use it. haha I’m scared if it grows thicker than before. I guess its not as thick as shaving right? I have kinda hairy on upperlip. Do you think i should try this product?


    • M says:

      If you have thick facial hair already, I recommend threading or wax strips, as they work much better in my honest opinion. You can use the Palmer’s remover on a day when you’re in a hurry. πŸ™‚

      It is definitely not as thick as shaving, but for facial hair I would recommend techniques that remove hair from the root, rather than the top, visible layer. Hence, threading or waxing are better alternatives.


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