Kryolan TV Paint Stick in Shade “F1”

Kryolan’s TV paint stick is a full coverage foundation available in multiple shades on the Kryolan website. The shade I am reviewing in this post is F1.

Regarding the product, Kryolan claims:

PRODUCT CODE: 05047/00

Successfully proven cream make-up in stick form. The special base of TV Paint Stick allows gentle make-up application that provides effective covering at the same time. The Kryolan assortment of more than 250 color nuances for selection is truly extraordinary – which makes this preparation indispensable for stage, film, TV, video work and more.
Kryolan paint stick
Kryolan paint stick
Kryolan paint stick
Kryolan paint stick
Kryolan paint stick

F1 is a yellow-toned shade that will work best for NC25-NC30 skin tones. If you have a medium/tan skin tone, this shade will likely work for you. The product is housed in a 25g twist-up tube.

The Good

The paint stick applies very smoothly, for a full coverage, heavy base. It can be layered to cover up blemishes or other skin problems. Also, you need very little of this product to achieve even skin. This foundation photographs very well, even with flash photography. It doesn’t oxidize (turn orange) on my skin. It lasted for about 6 hours on me before requiring a touch up. Even in incredibly hot weather, it holds up very well. There are multiple shades available online and at Kryolan counters worldwide, and it won’t set you back by much.

Best of all, I don’t require a concealer with this foundation. I have heavy dark circles, and this product covers them up very well.

If you’re into contouring the Kim Kardashian way, it is available in shades for that as well.

The Bad

This is a heavy foundation so it isn’t best for daily use. Limit usage to events and wherever photography is required, I’d say. It can turn cakey so it is best applied with a light hand. Also, all of the shades listed on the website may not be available at all counters. The packaging looks a little tacky but I suppose they were going for practicality.


I apply this straight from the stick to my forehead, both cheeks, and chin, and blend it with a flat top kabuki brush in quick, small, circular movements. If required, I then apply a little more on my blemishes and dark circles, and blend it out the same way.

Kryolan paint stick in F1, unblended
Kryolan paint stick in F1, unblended
Kryolan paint stick in F1, blended
Kryolan paint stick in F1, blended

Do I recommend this?

If you’re going out where there will be a lot of photography, for instance a wedding, this would be a good product to have. It is also good for brides to have in their makeup stash. If you’re looking for a good full coverage foundation which isn’t too expensive, you should give this a try.

Overall I think it is a great product, best applied with a light hand.


This is available at Kryolan counters worldwide.

In the US, it can be purchased from Kryolan online.

I purchased mine for Rs.1220 from Al-Fatah, Lahore. It is also available online at


4 thoughts on “Kryolan TV Paint Stick in Shade “F1”

    1. Hi Tabinda! I think F1 would suit you. I’m NC20-25 (and 25-30 in summers) and it’s a bit light on me unless buffed out fully. So I would recommend F1 to you. xx


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