I Heart Makeup The Wow Stick

I Heart Makeup is by Makeup Revolution, a UK based brand. The I Heart Makeup Wow Stick is available in 8 shades including “Call Me”, which I will review.

I will also compare it to MAC’s Ruby Woo to see if the two are similar.

Regarding the product, the brand claims:



Super Intense Cream Matte shades
Easy to apply
8 shades NOW ! Just say WOW !!

Call Me is a rich red shade which can be paired with jeans, or a formal outfit, as you see fit.

The Good

This product has excellent color payoff – what you see is exactly what you get when you apply the product. It is long lasting – I ate, washed my face thoroughly, and this stuff still didn’t budge. It doesn’t bleed. One thing I’d like to clarify is that it is actually matte, not glossy as the packaging claims. It applies very smoothly and does not dry out my lips. It is inexpensive. And I believe it’s a good dupe for MAC’s Ruby Woo, which I’ll just show you in a bit.

The Bad

Quite frankly, I can’t think of anything bad about the product. Perhaps it isn’t easily available in some places but I am not sure of that.

Is it a dupe for MAC’s Ruby Woo?

See for yourself:

To me, they are both very, very similar. Ruby Woo has slightly brighter, more noticeable blue undertones, but besides that, there is very little difference between the two. If someone were to ask me which of the two I’d recommend, I’d go with the Wow Stick. It applies more smoothly than Ruby Woo, which I find dries out my lips. The pigmentation IMO is better and compared to Ruby Woo, it is inexpensive.

I rubbed them both out to test staying power and while Ruby Woo became a splotchy red mess immediately, the Wow Stick refused to budge.

Do I recommend this?

You bet.


I purchased mine for Rs. 550 from just4girls.pk.

This is also available for order on the Makeup Revolution site.

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